The 3 Horse Race Sports Betting Strategy

Sports betting strategies have been around as long as there have been sports betting. And, with the rise of online gambling over the last twenty years, the number of strategies has only grown with all of the easy access the internet brings. One of the latest strategies to come from this new age is the 3 Horse Race sports betting strategy. While it is never wise to mix metaphors in writing or sports gambling, the 3 Horse Race strategy has a lot of value in sports betting so let’s take a closer look as to how it works.

What is the 3 Horse Race Sports Betting Strategy?

Pardon the misleading name because the 3 Horse Race sports betting strategy has nothing to do with horse racing. The 3 Horse Race sports betting strategy is when a gambler only focuses on three teams in any sport to wager on, thereby making his sports betting decisions a “3 horse race.” The idea is to narrow your options and, therefore, your focus, allowing you to have a better judgment on those games you choose to wager on.

A Smart Combination

When it comes to being a successful sports bettor, there are three attributes you need to have: the understanding of probability, the discipline to stay within your means, and the ability to keep things simple. The 3 Horse Race requires all three of these qualities and makes them easy to obtain.

Applies to Every Sport, So There’s Plenty of Action

Upon first glance, the 3 Horse Race may seem to be limiting your wagers, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Let’s remember that there are four major sports league in the U.S. along with NCAA football and basketball, not to mention international sports such as soccer. The 3 Horse Race doesn’t limit your options, just narrows your focus.

How to Play This Long Game

First and most obviously, you should choose three different teams from each sport you like to wager on. Since these will be the only three teams you’ll be wagering on, it is wise to pick three elite, top-tier teams. You pick these teams as they will win more than they will lose, which makes wagering on them that much easier. Also, it is wise to not pick your favorite hometown childhood team. You’ll want to be objective, so being a fan of the team you are wagering on is a big no-no.

Secondly, you’ll want to note that the 3 Horse Race sports betting strategy is a long game strategy, not a get rich quick scheme. Essentially, you are going to be wagering on favorites on the money line most of the time which will allow you to win many bets but not at big odds. Remember, this is a long game meant to be employed all season long.

Lastly, you need to set simple rules for your wagering that will be easy to follow. Only wager on home games, only wager every other game, or always wager after a loss are smart rules to follow as they play directly into understanding probability. Develop your own set of rules and track their success. You’ll win more than you’ll lose and then you’ll begin making real money.

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