Arbitrage Sports Betting

When it comes to sports betting, you gotta have a system. In fact, you probably already do. Everyone does and they are all foolproof strategies which can’t fail. Okay, maybe that last part isn’t true but you probably get the point. Having guidelines to your sports wagers is the way to go and every experienced sports gambler has them. However, what if there was a strategy which always won. A strategy which, when employed correctly, guaranteed a positive return. Well, there actually is one and it’s called arbitrage sports betting.

What is an Arbitrage?

For those unfamiliar with the term, an “arbitrage” is the buying and selling of a commodity in varying markets to leverage differing prices for the same commodity. Don’t worry, in sports betting, it’s much simpler. Arbitrage sports betting is the strategy where one wagers on the two opposite outcomes of one game and is guaranteed to make money on the outcome. It may still sound difficult. However, once you know what to look for, it will be as clear as day.

The Strategy

So, you know you want to make two opposite wagers on one game so, more often than not, this is found in head-to-head sports. How do you do this? First of all, you need access to two different sportsbooks. Second, you need to watch the way the lines are moving on both sites. In order to arbitrage a wager, you’ll have to be getting the same odds at both sportsbooks. Thirdly, when you see odds at EVEN and better, you make one wager at one sportsbook, the opposite at the other.

Here’s an example on arbitrage sports betting:

Let’s say you find a game where Team 1 is the favorite and getting EVEN odds. Team 2 is the underdog and getting +110 odds. This can happen on the moneyline or the point spread and this can happen for many reasons. Whether this is just the way the oddsmakers set the line or because it was bet down by the public, these are the odds you need. Remember, EVEN odds or better.

After double-checking to be sure both of your sportsbooks have the same odds, you can bet $100 on Team 1 at EVEN odds at one sportsbook and $100 on Team 2 at +110 at the other. If Team 1 wins, you’ve broken even. If Team 2 wins, you’ve won $10. There you have it. A gambling strategy that guarantees a payout.

Long Game

Obviously, arbitrage betting is a long game. In order to make good money using this method, it will take time. Also, there are only so many opportunities a week to place an arbitrage wager, so taking advantage when you see one is a must. The example we gave is just one, but, now that you know what you are looking for, they’ll be easier to spot.

Switch It Up

Arbitrage sports betting works and sportsbooks know this. They are always on the lookout for players who use it. It is much like counting cards in blackjack. Not illegal per se, but it will get you ejected from the casino if caught. A sportsbook, off-shore or licensed, reserves the right to boot you if you are suspected of arbitraging wagers. Therefore, it is wise to keep several sportsbooks handy (This will also make it easier to find more opportunities) and be sure to change up your wagering every time.

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