Be Careful Betting On NFL Preseason Games

The NFL Preseason schedule begins on Thursday, and fans of NFL betting can’t wait to get things going. Football is really the only sport where people make bets on the preseason, and it can be a profitable strategy if you really do your homework.

The NFL preseason can be extremely unpredictable as well, and there are a few things that you should be wary of when placing a bet on a game in the month of August. Take a look at four of the biggest things to watch out for when betting on the NFL preseason.

Coaches Are Trying New Things

The National Football League is constantly changing coaches, and these new head coaches will be trying to figure out the players on their roster. Veteran coaches might have their starting lineups set, but they will be introducing new plays or new schemes that could affect their team’s performance on the field. Coaches aren’t going to be calling their top plays in the preseason, and they will likely take some chances that they normally wouldn’t take.

In sports betting, preseason games are extremely different from the regular season, and you will see some things that you will never see starting week 1 of the regular season.

The Stars Rarely Take the Field

Another thing to remember when it comes to betting on the NFL preseason is that most of the top players see very limited time in these games. Even if a starting quarterback is in the lineup to begin a game, he will likely be out after a series or two.

The best teams with a lot of veteran players often look the worst in the preseason, because their best players are sitting on the sidelines watching the practice squad compete. It’s extremely hard to figure out which teams will be playing their stars unless the head coach gives out some information during his media session. The only saving grace with this aspect of the preseason is that the sportsbooks usually don’t have any more information about playing time than the general public.

No Real Motivation For Winning

They don’t hand out any trophies for the team with the best preseason record, and winning a game doesn’t really matter at all. Coaches will be content with playing for a tie or losing a close game rather than sending their top players out on the field. The veteran players don’t really have any motivation for playing well, and their main goal is to get through the preseason schedule completely healthy.

Preseason For Referees as Well

Officials and referees have been known to affect the outcome of an NFL game at different times, and this is even likelier to happen in the preseason. The referees are trying to get into game shape as well, and there will be some rust that they have to shake off.

The NFL will also be asking their referees to focus on different things, and the games will be officiated a lot differently than the regular-season games will be. This might seem like a minor thing, but one bad call could cost you some money.

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