Guide to NFL Prop Bets

Prop betting or “propositional betting” takes place in all of the major professional sports, but is most common and popular in football. A prop bet is a bet placed on something other than the final outcome of an event. This type of sports betting became popular during the Super Bowl but has now extended into the regular season. It offers a chance to make a large sum of money by hitting a bet, but it can also shrink your bank account in a hurry. It can be a sound betting strategy if done correctly, and we have outlined a few tips and types of prop bets to look for.

Fade the Public

One of the most important tips for prop betting is to fade the public as much as you can. Oddsmakers aren’t going to set the odds so that the public wins a majority of the time, and it will also decrease the value of the bet. The public will be right a portion of the time, but you will have more success if you fade the public more often than not.

Look For Value in the Odds

Another thing you want to do when getting into it is to look for value in the odds before making a bet. Placing a prop bet that will only pay you $120 for a $100 bet just isn’t worth it. You want to try and find odds greater than +200 if possible to really make the risk worth it. The earlier you make a prop bet, the better in most cases, but there can be other factors involved that can help you get a good bet at some great value.

Best Type of Prop Bets

You can find a prop bet on almost anything related to the game of football, but that doesn’t always mean you should be on them. Try to avoid the prop bets where luck or chance is involved and find bets where your knowledge and research can help you make a good decision. Here are three of the best type of prop bets to place some money on.

Team Scoring Prop Bets: Team scoring prop bets can be easy to win as long as you do your homework. A typical bet might be, “The New England Patriots will score 30 or more points.” Or the “New England Patriots will win by 7 or more points.” Looking at past results can help you make a sound decision.

Individual Performance: This is another form and is extremely popular, but requires skill and research to make the right pick. An example might be, Russell Wilson will throw for over/under 4,000 yards in 2019? This type of bet can also be made on a single game usually, and looking at recent trends or statistics can point you in the right direction.

Future Prop Bets: Most people consider this future betting, but it still belongs in the category. Future bets usually involve picking a division or conference champion or picking the Super Bowl winner. There can be great value and great rewards with future betting if you pick the right team.

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