Herosphere Accepts Esports Bets via Dash

Herosphere is a company that offers various eSports gaming facilities to its large user base. To not much surprise the company has incorporated the Dash platform to its services. Herosphere already has a nice customer base and this step was a step in the right direction because already the users have started placing a bet using Dash. After being established in 2016, the company now offers a full-featured website where the customers can enjoy free eSports betting and as well as fantasy gaming.

As of current, the number of titles it supports is just three, but they are soon expanding and taking advantage of the gaming market. You can easily go online for CS: Go, Dota 2, and League of Legends. Also, it must be a nice thing to include that Herosphere is a company that even allows Blockchain gaming facility at its end. It means that users can now play with Blockchain using peer-to-peer dedicated services. This is a kind of experience that is paving the way towards even deeper penetration in the gaming market.

The Gain

One thing that makes it a great attraction for users is their strategy to give away something to their players. There is one rule that must be referred to here. “One percent of all pots played are given back to all token holders.”It means what it says it means. If you are a token holder, you get a prize from the general prize pool. It is a win-win for everyone. For a player, they get the prize, while for the gamer; they get the reward for creating the game and everything. This one thing makes the company’s platform one of the most successful one in the eSports community. They feel comfortable in that surrounding.

What is Hero Token?

Similar to any token system, Herosphere has introduced their own coin system called simply the Hero Token. It helps decentralize and distribute the online gaming system. One of the reasons online gaming has seen such drastic improvement in the course of such a short span of years is due to this thing. If you are using a Hero Token, all the transactions are transparent with smart contact taking care of everything, starting right from the payments.

They have actually placed the entire community on focus. With simple innovations such as these, the company aims for a greater good using the principle “community always wins” rather than pure gambling or casino kind of situation where the “house always wins” stands more true to their name.

What is Dash

Based in Austria, the company is creating the future of gaming platforms for the community. Dash is just another innovation in the right direction. Their goal is to bring back the joy and fun of these games as they used to be while still making the online gaming community a place to hang out. Dash offers a secure and simplified cryptocurrency management system and all your payments are safe and visible. Further, you can swap your Dash token with Hero token and vice versa.

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