Kansas Lawmakers will Start Commenting on Sports Betting

Kansas lawmakers are going to be given a crash course regarding sports gambling. This week they are considering how they are going to capitalize on the ruling of the United States Supreme Court as per which the federal ban had been lifted.

Seven states are offering legal sports betting. Kansas is among the many other states that are taking into account whether or not to jump the bandwagon. They have an augmented interest after New Jersey has been successful in challenging the ban. This cleared the way for sports gambling to enlarge beyond Nevada.

Laura Kelly, the Democratic Government Elect has voiced her support to expand gambling into sports betting in times of her campaign. Kansas is known to allow commercial gaming in casinos. The primary challenge is the details as said by Sen. Bud Estes, the Dodge City Republic. He is also the committee chairman who is going to manage the bills that will be forwarded regarding this topic.

He stated that he doesn’t want to skate on a thin layer of ice regarding something that they do not know about. He has also added that this is sure to happen in some form or the other. It encourages the lawmakers to be present at Topeka on Tuesday and Wednesday for the special interim committee that was to take place on the topic.

It is being seen that no legislation has been drafted for the session which is going to take place and that starts on 14th January. The main issues comprise making sure that the tax rate is not so high and doesn’t turn into some illegal wager also, to provide an oversight for preventing cheating in games and fraud. There is also a question as to how and where the bets are going to be cast. Are the betting going to be restricted to the casinos or is it going to be allowed in the sports bar, also? Will mobile betting apps be permitted? If yes, then who is going to handle them?

Estes goes on to comment that if they start to pass the legislation of the groups that are taking an interest, they might end up making a real mess. They don’t have to be educated. He says that he is not going to allow the committee to go out and pass the legislation just of the bag. It is important to be smart before taking such a step.

During this legislative session, Jan Kessinger, the Republican Representative from Overland Park introduced the bill which received the hearing but was unable to garner proper attraction. Budget officials have estimated that it is going to generate $75 million in one year. He is planning to try again in the following year.

He says that this is not going to happen with the wave of a magic wand when he spoke about the bill. It is going to take some time to be up to speed. He states that the money is going to enable the state to address various pressing issues that include the cases of foster, highways, and system of the state pension. He has mentioned that money is going to be set aside for helping out the gamblers. Kessinger is going to prefer seeing sports betting to be available on the social setting such as restaurants and sports bars.


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