Mohegan Sun: Police Reports $61,175 Theft

A former blackjack dealer at Mohegan Sun has been accused by the police for conspiring a plot for stealing $61, 175 from their land-based facility. The police reports were surfaced very recently, and they also have identified two punters who were in the plan. The theft took place somewhere around last year.

Arrests have been made too. One of the individuals, David C Peters has been charged with first-degree larceny and cheating. The whole thing came about with an unidentified individual winning $33,700 without even using a club card in a blackjack game on October 12, 2018. Thereafter, investigations commenced and the police have found evidence that shows that the casino dealer helped M Quesada Jr. Commit the crime, alongside another player who is still unidentified.

More Evidence

More information was uncovered by the police after an in-depth review of the blackjack dealer’s work. When the police followed his (Peter’s) activities from two weeks prior to the crime, they found that from time to time he allowed players to enhance their bets, leading to obvious cheating. In some cases even, the blackjack dealer would pay the players even if they lost at the table or ended up in a tie. Many times he was also found to have diverted cards that could break the player’s hands for sure.

With all the discovery details, the police found evidence of cheating on the following dates:

  • September 24, 2018
  • October 1, 2018
  • October 8, 2018
  • October 12, 2018
  • October 15, 2018

Thus came the clue of another accused player, Quesada in all of the above incidents. But, the punter on the major date of 12th is still not known.

Progress after the Investigation

The police were after the individuals and following the tracks.

“Charged with first-degree larceny and cheating.”

Once Peter’s suspicious activities were discovered last fall, the police followed his tracks. The Members of the Surveillance Department found Quesada and Peter together on the 19th of October in a Riverview Garage. They also account that Quesada handed over some 8 $100 bills to Peter right after a phone call. Thereafter, they followed them. They found Peter committed fraud and helped Quesada cheat by winning $3000 from a blackjack game right after their meeting, that night.

Right then, the officials caught them red-handed and charged the accused with third-degree larceny and cheating. Quesada was sent for trial to Norwich Superior Court but wasn’t sent to prison, rather was released by paying a $1000 bond. The police officials are still wondering whether to upgrade the charges set against him.

However, Peter was punished with a $40,000 bond for his freedom and his trial was still due in court. As $61,175 has come so far from the added total from Mohegan casino, the investigation is still ongoing.

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