Moneyline Betting Explained

Last Updated on July 20, 2022
Are you a fan of sports like hockey and baseball? It might sometimes be confusing for you when it comes to the symbols and numbers that are used commonly by oddsmakers on betting board. The primary concept of this is to understand when you bet on these sports is that it might use the Moneylines instead of the points spread. It comprises of simply choosing the winning team.

Hence, rather than just checking out a team which is favored by 2.5 points such as in basketball and football, there can be a little money that is related to the comparable chalk in hockey and baseball like -120. This implies that you will have to wager $120 for winning $100.

Similarly, with the underdogs, you will be able to get 6.5 points in basketball and football. This means that the team might lose up to 6 for cashing the bet. However, likewise, +200 Moneyline is going to convert to $200 on $100 wager if the team is able to win straight up.

Explanation of Moneyline Betting

As you have the chance to wager on the Moneyline for every sport, hockey and basketball are the team sports which use it as the main betting option. The primary reason being hockey and basketball are generally lower scoring with each of the teams totaling the single digits in goals and runs for the majority of the game.

In the meantime, the scores which end in 110-97 in basketball or 43-27 in football serve as examples as to why it is sensible enough to use these points spread for the particular sports. Thus, it can be said that smaller results will help Moneyline to be the betting choice of the options that have been provided by oddsmakers. Bigger number means that they will have to make use of the point spreads.

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2-Way Moneyline: what does it mean?

Most of the bettors from North America refer to 2-way Moneyline as the Money line. As a matter of fact, this is known to be one of the most options when it comes to wagering. In this case, the bettor bets on the side that is going to secure the win in the game straight up. If there is a tie or draw, the 2-way Moneyline is going to be pushed. At times, the term is highlighted during soccer and is different from a 3-way Moneyline which a well-known option as it has the draw as the wagering option.

Baseball Moneyline Betting

  • Baltimore Orioles +165
  • Toronto Blue Jays -185

Take a look at an Money Line Bet example

The plus and minus values designate the favorites and underdogs in Money line betting. Here, Toronto is seen being favored by -185 and Baltimore took as the underdog with +165. To understand the concept, you have to see the number 100 sitting in between the values.

Since the Blue Jays are the favorite, according to the sportsbook, you will have to bet more on them. They have to win the game. Hence, you will have to risk a number to wager on basketball favorites. Again, sportsbook might reward you for taking an underdog. Hence, they will offer an incentive for betting on the Orioles.

Hockey Moneyline Betting

The same math and principle are applicable to Moneyline betting when it comes to hockey odds board. The Buffalo Sabres might be the underdogs with +110 against Boston Bruins with -130. You can win $100 by risking $130 on the Bruins and wager $100 for winning $100 on Sabres, the underdogs.

This is a simple concept as soon you get the hang of it. You will find profitable opportunities in hoops and football. Here, wagering on the Moneyline is going to be sensible move than putting your bet on the point spread. In case you like an eight-point underdog in NFL and feel that they are going to win, you can just take the 8 points and then hope that they are going to cover the spread. Otherwise, you take a look at the Moneyline offers where you may be +280 which will give you the chance to make more money by using it for betting than spending on the point spread.

Now that you understand how Money line functions, visit NHL odds and MLB odds to know the latest number on these sports. You will also be able to learn about where you can bet Moneyline and other opportunities for wagering that are available through the TOP sports betting sites we offer.

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