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Mobile slots for Android or iPhone are available for play with or without real money. Depending on how you want to play, your experience can differ by quite a bit. It’s important to know what you want from a mobile slots game before you commit any cash because nothing feels worse than spending money without a return. We’ll show you everything you need to know before you start spending your hard-earned money.

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Your Allstar Gambling Guide to Mobile Slots

Any casino game enthusiast would probably tell you that slots are the most iconic game of the genre. This image has been promoted by the casinos themselves, who frequently showcase slot games in their advertisements and placing them front and center on every homepage. When the internet started to become ubiquitous, slot games were among the first to make the leap from analog to online. This has been nothing but good for gamblers, since we’re now spoiled for options, with there being tens of thousands of online slots around serving up serious fun.

Enjoying all this from the comfort of your personal computer was only the first step, though. Once smartphones began to permeate the market, casinos jumped on that trend before anybody else did. And now, we can play slot games for Android or iPhone smartphones and tablets anywhere in the world. What a time to be alive? Mobile slots have become can’t miss games that every casino fan can enjoy in just a few screen taps.

Mobile slot games offer all of the same entertainment and excitement that real-world slot games do, but these can be played from anywhere you want. Mobile slot games for Android or iPhone have latched onto the innovations and optimizations that make them competitive with real-world slots, meaning that there are few reasons to avoid them.

Of course, with all the slots available how is anybody to decide which games to play? That’s what we’re here for. We will guide you through the maze of casino gaming to help you pinpoint the right mobile slot game for you. You deserve the best – whether it’s graphics, story, payouts, or the overall experience, your mobile slot games should ever feel lacking.

Mobile slots action in the palm of your hand

Mobile slotsMobile slots are played in exactly the same way as any other slot game on a PC or Mac via a web browser. What separates mobile slots from other online slots is that they can be played anywhere you have a mobile device, as opposed to just on a desktop. This is a major advantage for people constantly on the move, as it makes the world of slots open to you, no matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection.

Your next question will likely be “what can I play on my mobile device?” The great thing about mobile slots is that they are designed entirely around mobility, so you are only limited by what device you have. If you want to maximize the number of options you have, it’s best to use a device that has more modern hardware, since older devices won’t be able to run the latest software.

And wherever you are, you need to have a stable internet connection to play with real money. Some online casinos will let you play mobile slots for Android or iPhone without a connection, but any game involving real money requires one. When you do have those moments of dropped connection, you can play a few practice rounds, which is certainly a nice way to improve your slots skills.

More popular than ever

Mobile slots have exploded in popularity over the last few years, and it’s not hard to see why. Mobile devices are ubiquitous all over the world – some people even forego having a desktop in favor of a tablet or smartphone. The quality and speed of hardware has improved drastically over the last decade, and software has evolved in tandem to take advantage of these changes. Smartphones of today are like mini-PCs and game consoles, just with none of the bulk and almost all of the power.

With access to casino games being so common, casinos have been well-equipped to take advantage of this new market. And they haven’t failed, as gamblers in the EU spend well above $50 billion each year on casino games. Mobile slots make up a big part of that, and they don’t look like they will lose their dominance anytime soon, as with more and more smartphones hitting the market, they’ll like to be more mobile slots players than ever in the years to come.

Online casinos have also stepped up their security in a big way over the last ten years. Stringent government regulations have been responsible for a lot of that, but nowadays casinos are some of the most secure places to enter your financial information. Logins require fingerprint scanning to access your account, making it almost impossible for anybody to hack in and steal your money. In many ways, mobile casino banking security can rival online banking security, it’s just that airtight.

And with so many people turning to online casinos for their gambling needs, casinos have really pushed the boat out with what they offer players. Casinos are constantly at the forefront of innovation, offering new ways to play and win big all the time. They also offer robust rewards programs to convince customers to stay, and some of these are specific to mobile platforms.

If none of this was enough to convince you, remember that many USA online casinos will even offer free sign-up bonuses. You’ll typically receive free spins or free bonuses, which are a great way to see what a casino is like. The perks of online gambling are better than ever before, and if you haven’t tried it before we recommend that you do, odds are you won’t be left feeling disappointed.

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Many casinos now offer A-grade mobile gaming action

There are tons of ways to get started playing the best mobile slots around. But first, you need to check if your device is compatible with the gambling apps on the market. The older your device is, the more likely it is to run into issues running the countless number of gambling apps on your device. Developers go out of their way to make their software compatible with older devices, but you won’t know until you check. Some games are also more demanding the others, which will play in factor in just how smooth your mobile slots experience ends up being.

Next, be sure that there are no barriers to withdrawing your winnings. A big part of this will stem from how reputable the casino you’re gambling at is. If there aren’t many reviews or they’re negative, stay away. Good casinos offer many instant withdrawal methods and robust customer service. When you win, you want to be able to withdraw that cash with minimal fuss, not have to fight tooth and nail to get hold of your winnings. Only ever play at a mobile casino that has a high-quality reputation for paying out to players.

With deposits and withdrawals ticked off the list, it’s time to check to see what kinds of rewards programs they have. Casinos are very unequal in this regard, so you’ve got to do your research beforehand. Some casinos are quite generous and treat their returning customers right, while others don’t give you that much bang for your buck at all. See if you can find ones that give you some kind of no-deposit bonus or free spins. Always remember this, no free spins, no party, as the casino earns your business, they shouldn’t get it without an incentive thrown into the mix.

Oh, and make sure you fully understand the wagering requirements before you commit. We can’t emphasize this enough – this is splattered across the screen of every reputable casino, yet so many gamblers manage to miss it anyways. Trust us, we’ve heard so many horror stories about players losing huge sums because they didn’t bother to dive into the small print, don’t fall into this trap. Know what the casino is going to expect of you before you start spending money because you don’t want to be in for a rude awakening when you try to withdraw. This is the easiest thing you can do to ensure that you get the most out of your gambling experience, so take the time to do things right, read the terms and conditions and fully understand what it is you are signing up for.

Mobile slots come in different shapes and sizes

You’ve made it this far, so odds are you are now fully pumped to play some of the biggest mobile slots around (check the Big Spin Casino). Before you do, it pays to know what’s around, and where you can get the most bang for your buck. There are three main kinds of mobile slots you can play, each has its own pros and cons.

Classic Slots

fruit slotsClassic slots are typically what most gamblers think of when people say “slots”, and don’t worry, these 3-reel wonders still hold up well on mobile platforms. These are the quotidian offerings that one expects from a slots game – three bars, fruits and bars, and few bells and whistles. These slot machines are simple by design and are intended for newer players or veterans who don’t like a lot of added nonsense.

These don’t usually offer a lot of bonus features, yet they tend to be perennial favorites regardless. If you’re looking for the best mobile slots, you can’t go wrong with this classic fare. There’s no skill or strategy required – just spin the reels and away you go. If you want a type of online slot that lets you get right into the action with no fuss, classic slots have you covered. However, if you are after a slot game that has all things entertainment as its core, we suggest you keep reading.

Video Slots

Video slotsVideo slots are designed to be the eye candy of the mobile slots’ world and boy, do they fit the bill. These games typically have a total of five reels and tons of paylines, and they offer tons of bonuses and freebies to keep you coming back for more. Video slots commonly have well-known themes featuring licensed characters and top-of-the-line graphics.

There is no doubt about it, video slots and the jaw-dropping designs they throw out are the one-stop-shop that most slots players are looked for. Not only that, the bonus rounds keep the entertainment level high, as players are sure to be on edge during every spin. Fun, fun, and more fun is guaranteed whenever you choose to spin the reels of video slots on the go, you can trust us on that.

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Progressive Slots

Progressive SlotsProgressive slots are where the real money lies, if you’re willing to ramp up the risk level a notch or two. These slot machines contain jackpots that grow in accordance with the size of bets played and the number of players who gamble. Mobile slots that employ this model are especially popular due to the prospect of winning huge amounts of money. These slots advertise the jackpot size in a prominent place, and the jackpot is shown as growing at a constant rate to emphasize how much it grows over time. It’s tough to win that jackpot, but if you do, you’re set for life.

When we talk about “set for life” jackpots, we really do mean it. The biggest progressive jackpot wins have reached 7 and even 8 figures, meaning that the winning player is instantly thrust into a luxury life of wealth and riches. Want to know why progressive mobile slots are so popular? It’s all about the money.

RPG Slots

rpg slotsOkay, this a brand-new type of slot that many of you may not have even heard about yet. RPG slots are changing the way slots function forever, as they introduce more progression focused, video game-like elements that are sure to keep you spinning. Think progression bars, additional levels, and more mini-games types than you could possibly imagine. It represents a whole new way to play. Take the time to do a Google search, and you’ll find game developers like Evolution Gaming creating slot games that look more like Elder Scrolls than Starburst.

Now, being a new type of mobile slot, don’t expect to find this type of game at every mobile casino you visit. In fact, very few actually offer it, but more and more are under development, so expect them to explode in the coming years. You have found a mobile casino that offers RPG slots? That’s awesome, start spinning to blast through those levels and bring home the cash.

Don’t forget to grab a mobile slots bonus or two

Perhaps the greatest advantage that mobile slots offer is that they keep players hooked with high-quality rewards programs. Sometimes referred to as bonuses, these are loyalty programs that sweeten the deal for players who consistently spend money at a mobile casino. The intense competition in the casino world means that casinos can never take their customers for granted, and so they offer lots of little goodies to entice you to stick around. These bonuses can add up to some serious cash in the long run, so you should always take advantage of them whenever they’re offered.

Many popular mobile casinos give all newly registered players a bonus for signing up. These bonuses vary, but are usually things like free bonus cash or free spins. These rewards for a great way to sample the casino’s offerings, as well as a way to earn more money and stretch out your cash in the long term. These are typically given as a credit on your account, so you can’t just sign up and take the money without playing.

The most common type of bonus is a no-deposit bonus, in which you are given money without having to place an initial deposit of cash into your account. These bonuses are given as soon as you register and activate your account. That being said, these bonuses usually come with something hefty terms and conditions attached, so if you think you’re going to be able to blow open mobile slots with these and walk away a seven-figure winner, think again. That being said, they’ll be nothing to stop you pocketing some cash with this type of bonus, which is certainly a nice touch considering that no deposit would have been needed to claim it.

Deposit bonuses are also quite common, particularly in mobile casinos. These deposits are usually a matched value rather than a fixed amount and are typically equal to between 50% to 100% of your initial deposit. So, if you deposit $50 with a 75% match, then the casino will throw in an extra $37.50 for free. And if that wasn’t enough, casinos will usually throw in extra stuff like free spins on a particular slot machine. If you’re shopping for the best mobile casino deals, you can’t go wrong with a deposit match slot bonus.

Of course, casinos aren’t stupid. They know that the gravy has to continue to flow if they want to keep people coming back for more. As you deposit more funds over time, casinos will offer you more and more to keep your business. If you spend enough money, casinos will start to give you VIP treatment. This is where the real bonuses begin – cashback, reloads, free tickets and prizes, high roller bonuses, and so much more. These bonuses are not given to the masses and reflect the casino’s desire to reward their most loyal and high depositing members.

Mobile slots are showing online slots how it’s done

The differences between online slots and mobile slots aren’t really that vast. They are the same type of game and offer the same kind of variety and bonuses that you generally expect. The key difference is in the availability. Mobile slots let you play anywhere on your mobile device, which is amazing if you’re out on the road and get that itch to spin the reels. The only thing really limiting you is an internet connection and good hardware. Although, these two requirements aren’t exactly limiting per say, as most people should be able to start playing at a mobile casino with current devices.

The payout for mobile slots is basically the same across all platforms, considering that the game itself and its developer are the same. The only thing we can say is that mobile devices tend to be small, so you might not get as much of visual experience. Oh well, you can’t have everything as they.

Like with full-sized online casinos, if you take advantage of the competition that exists between mobile casinos to get your money and time. You should never settle for less when it comes to bonuses, and mobile slots are very good about offering returning players lots of freebies to keep them around. Shop around for the right casinos, expect the best, and don’t settle. If you do that, we guarantee that your mobile slots experience will be a blast, not only when it comes to the sheer amount of fun you can have, but also the amount of cash you can pocket.

Don’t miss the fun!

Online slots are great and we sure do love them, but mobile slots play is where the future of casino gaming is heading. Taking the thrill of spinning the reels and putting in the palm of your hand was once thought impossible, now it’s surely about to become the norm. Next time you want to spin the reels, think about putting the laptop to one side and pick up your smartphone or tablet instead.

Thousands of games, huge bonuses, and the convenience of being able to spin the reels in just a few screen taps, it all makes mobile slots the only way to play in 2020 and beyond!

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