Why is Fortnite’s “The End” a Storytelling Masterclass in Modern Gaming

It was a regular Sunday evening for Fortnite players until their map and characters were sucked into a black hole. Yes, you read that right. If you don’t believe us, see for yourself – when entering the game, you are met with a blank screen. Epic Games announced that Season Ten would end in spectacular fashion and they weren’t messing around. After dubbing the finale “The End”, the world collectively expected something big, but not this.

Initially, the general consensus was that Fornite’s developers have a flair for the dramatic, but gaming aficionados soon began realizing that the obliteration of their world could have been foreseen in various in-game Easter eggs. This unraveled storyline is perhaps one of the most innovative instances of writing in modern gaming, but what does it really mean?

Apocalyptic Closure

Around six million players have gathered to witness yesterday’s Armageddon in Fortnite. In the midst of regular showdowns between up to 100 people, players saw a rocket taking off and causing rifts in the time-space continuum, creating a black hole. As holes in the sky began growing bigger, everything was sucked into a singularity, with players getting only a blank screen if they wished to play the game. This was just the beginning.

Fortnite also deleted all the posts on its Twitter account and put up a black profile picture, while also live-streaming the black hole. Erasing social media profiles is one of the more underrated promotional ploys, according to experts and has been used mainly by rappers, such as Future. If one looks closely, it’s possible to see the whole pulsating random numbers, which lead to various theories being elaborated on Twitter and other platforms.

Is Fortnite Gone?

No, of course not. The battle royale game which has over 250 million players is set for a makeover before Season 11 can start. Industry insiders believe that this would be in just a few days. However, experts have almost equivocally expressed their admiration for the marketing campaign, as it created a shockwave across the digital world. Celebrities such as Elon Musk, Marshmello and, of course, Ninja have all posted about “The End”, further spreading outreach.

In what was called a marketing masterclass by many, Epic Games have set the groundwork for the launch of Fortnite Chapter 2. However, the first hints of the game getting a sequel could already be seen in Season Three.

Space rocks suddenly started hitting the island on which the map is located in Season Three. Later on, we could see a meteor crash at the beginning of Season Four, and, a few months later, the launch of the rocket we saw yesterday. Players lauded the magnanimousness of this event, but nobody put any importance in this event, at least not in the long run.

Upon analyzing the whole storyline, you can realize that Epic Games have succeeded in doing something incredible. Fortnite is generally considered to be without a storyline. The game managed to amass a plethora of players using a compelling mix of graphics, gameplay and overall player freedom. Using cleverly placed Easter eggs and clues, they were slowly introducing the closing performance. It’s a rather effective way of generating interest and treating players.

Even More Growth?

Some forums saw players sharing predictions of Fortnite attracting more adult players. Even though it is a widely popular title, it’s still predominantly played by teenagers. With the addition of an actual narrative, they can theoretically use it as an attraction tool for older gamers, who are traditionally attracted by lore. Iconic multiplayer games such as World of Warcraft, The Elder Scrolls Online, GTA V Online weren’t just excellent in terms of gameplay.

With impeccable graphics, a title can be exciting for a single playthrough. Games with iconic storylines are the ones that players return to. That’s how people become fans and Fortnite certainly doesn’t lack in that department. No matter the expanse of the actual story in Fortnite Chapter 2, one thing is certain – it will be remembered due to its unusual introduction. Who knows what awaits us in a few days, but the impacts of “The End” will still be felt by everyone.

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