Will The NJ Golden Nugget Experience Same Accomplishment In PA?

The Golden Nugget did petition the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board towards the end of October for 2 gambling licenses online. Well, it was the initial step to provide the state’s online slots as well as table games for Golden Nugget. There is no doubt that Golden Nugget hopes to get its NJ online casino fame to the Keystone State. And there is no denying to this. The casino is indeed a great leader as far as the online gambling market of NJ is concerned. It holds a great percentage of the market share which is equivalent to 35 percent. Needless to say, the online casino revenue of NJ is close to double that of Borgata, its immediate competitor. In fact, it’s tough to say if there is a question mark or certain expectations around to figure out if the operator will see similar success in Pennsylvania similar to New Jersey. You can take a closer look.

The Golden Nugget Case that slays the PA online casino market

There are numerous moving pieces in an online casino launch. The online casino has the feel to run a site with a costly portfolio as far as online casino games of NJ is concerned. It was indeed the first and foremost online casino games to cross 500 games. The success lies in knowing how to launch a specific product and this will undoubtedly work wonders.

Apart from the experience front, Golden Nugget owns a management team that takes risks comfortably. Majority of these casino management teams are best in their approach to success and growth. The best part about Golden Nugget is that it is ready to challenge the status quo and at the same time make it unique by trying out different things. They did so as it debuted live dealer games way before other casinos of New Jersey. Most people think that the move is indeed the strongest factors which make Golden Nugget the leader in today’s market.

One of the other reasons why one should bet on Golden Nugget is that it has the sense to safeguard collaborations with other premier brands. The Golden Nugget did bring Betfair NJ and Sugarhouse Online casino under its roof. There is no denying that Sugarhouse Casino is a casino competition in the online world in PA. Although, GN may be looking at other places for leveraging licenses with other renowned brands in PA, but when you strike the best agreements, it helps Golden Nugget be on top of the line.

The case on Golden Nugget ruling over the PA online casino

One of the most obvious reasons Golden Nugget may not achieve great success in PA is due to higher completion in a larger market. When you see revenue of online casino pouring into New Jersey casinos, it makes PA casinos desperate for their share. In addition, the casinos are trying from past one year to get started. This is quite a time consuming to plan and to get the ducks in a row. It is not only competitions from other casinos. The Pennsylvania Lottery does have sports and casino-like games that are highly popular.

The collation of 7 casinos makes the games a bit too similar when compared to casino games and consider the PA Lottery to court for not adhering to the exclusivity clause of the contracts. Thereafter, there is a tax for online gaming of 36 percent which blocks the path of Golden Nugget to turn PA into revenue windfall. Each casino may have an identical tax rate. However, the burden of tax makes it to tough to jump into a big lead.

In the end, the question lies for Golden Nugget if they have the courage to take risks so as to differentiate them in a popular and crowded online casino market.

The bottom line

The Golden Nugget is determined to replicate its NJ fame. Honestly speaking, which may be unlikely as there is no guarantee that PA will acquire a dominant leader similar to NJ?

There is no doubt that Golden Nugget will do wonders. However, it will be close to impossible to replicate the success level like that of the Garden State. However, if they continue taking risks, then the bets will be off especially if the risks are the ones that set them apart in NJ. This theory holds good for all the PA online casinos. The one who is ready to take risks has a bigger chance to achieve a spot on top of revenue leaderboard.

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