Understanding The 12 Number Roulette Strategy

For the most part, typical roulette players have two ways to win. The first is pretty well known, players bet on random numbers up to eighteen and change and then hope for the best when the wheel spins. The second approach is to choose only twelve numbers total (which is a little less than a third of the roulette wheel) and then stick with that approach for the following game rounds. This is known as the 12 number roulette strategy, with this system gaining a resurgence of popularity amongst players in recent times.

In the following article, I’m going to offer an explanation of how the twelve numbers strategy works and why it’s an effective one. In addition, I’m going to show you how to break it down into four steps and seven rules. Before I do jump into how it works, there are, of course, pros and cons to both roulette strategies, and I’ll be going over them so that you can further see the differences between both the first strategy and the 12 numbers method that you are probably here to learn all about.

Roulette Rules Run Down

If you’re new to roulette – some of you might be – let me give you a very quick rundown on what this particular casino game is all about. For starters, out of all the casino games out there (and there are plenty!), none are more simple or easier to get to grips with than roulette. The wheel is world-famous and comes in various different forms. European, American, French, and others, all adjust the odds of the game slightly, some increase the difficulty (and the odds), while others shorten them, it all comes down to the number of zeros on the wheel.

The game makes use of 36 numbers and at least a single Zero slot. It’s your job to predict where the ball will land after a croupier spins the wheel. Roulette certainly appears like a game of chance on the surface and that’s because it is, playing this game is super easy, arguably Keno online is the only simpler game at any casino, online casino, or live casino. However, this game is simple to play, yet tough to master, as there is still an element of strategy required to get the best return out of it.

There you have it, ready to start looking at the 12 numbers roulette strategy (or roulette dozens strategy)? Good, let’s get started!

Numbers in Motion

When you play a random set of numbers in each game of roulette, wins, and losses are no longer set by the next set of numbers. This is because it can be very difficult to figure out when wagers need to be increased or decreased. There are, of course, many lucky gamblers out there who use the different numbers strategy, but most pro players in the game of roulette stick with the numbers that they choose. This allows the player to then structure their strategy and allow them to figure out the likelihood of when a number may occur. Putting this simply, when you bet on a randomized number on every game round, you are putting your faith in pure luck, with strategy going out the window.

Of course, there’s never a guarantee of locking in a higher probability in any casino game, roulette included. All the same, you’ll find that a pattern will emerge, allowing you to guide your betting decisions with a clearer head. You simply can’t tract this pattern when you are wagering on numbers all over the place when you play roulette.

The key to actually profiting from casino games instead of just breaking even every time is to know when to make your play and for how much. Efficiency plays a role in this, and changing your numbers constantly at the whims of your own thoughts just isn’t efficient. Strategical actions and thoughts are the way to go with roulette, so don’t throw betting systems out the window every time you step up to spin the wheel.

Don’t Be Shifting the Chips

Chips that are “static,” or are wagered on the same numbers at a roulette table, create an order to the game that a random bettor may not be able to take advantage of. By betting on the same numbers in every game, you’ll also be able to see how frequently you win and lose versus the advantages of raising or lowering your bets.

A part of this is because the inherent pressure of choosing “good” numbers is gone. Your focus shifts from the choice of managing your bankroll, as well as bet again and stop-loss triggers. Online strategies in roulette are dependent on these conditions and are stronger for it. Intelligent betting and an even head will always prevail over emotional decisions.

The absolute, ultimate key to roulette is knowing when to place a bet, how much to bet, and when to walk away from the table. Freeing yourself from the burden of having to constantly pick “good” numbers can open you up to more productive plans and a higher success rate.

Roulette (and even online roulette) can be stressful, I certainly won’t go on record to say otherwise. This doesn’t take away from the fun, but it can lead to a player making impulsive and emotional decisions. You need to keep your cool at the wheel and remain composed, if you can’t, then your consistency will fall apart and so will your chances of winning big.

Why 12 Numbers Exactly?

On a European roulette wheel, 12 numbers are nearly a third of the available numbers. There are 36 pockets in the game, numbered 1 through 36, in addition to a single Zero. So, there are 12 numbers spread out across three columns and 12 across three dozen. Both betting options are 2-1.

Though this puts 25 numbers, or two thirds, up against the player, the saving grace here is the winning streak. Payoffs will be higher because it’s a 2-1 profit, whereas your loss is only 1-1. By taking the opportunity to closely monitor your risk versus your reward using your mind, there is a good chance of adding to your bankroll instead of losing it, and that’s pretty much the main goal whenever you play roulette.

How to Choose 12 Numbers

Numbers, numbers, and more numbers, it’s safe to say that the game of roulette throws a lot of digits in your direction. Don’t be overwhelmed, as it isn’t actually too difficult to get to grips with what is in front of you, all it takes is a little knowhow.

Choosing your numbers can be as simple as choosing a dozen or column options, of which there are only six. You simply select a Dozen or a Column, and you play those numbers when you play roulette. Each set has its own set of benefits and negatives when it comes to where they’re positioned on the roulette wheel, but the spacing is decent among all of them.

Any set of 12 numbers is going to have the same chances of showing up as any other combination of a dozen numbers. However, there are advantages to choosing a set of 12 in a Dozen or a Column.

Combinations, Combinations, Combinations

There are so many different combos that you can make with 12 numbers on a roulette wheel, and overthinking your choices can put you right back at square one – nervous, doubting, and not thinking clearly. Choosing a Column or a Dozen as your set of 12 allows you to escape the feeling of pressure or being overwhelmed. This ties in with the same pressure that comes with changing your numbers and picking “good” numbers and again allows you to come up with a decently stable ratio of wins to losses.

Just because there is a huge amount of numbers on the wheel doesn’t mean that you have to sit their and stress about what to pick. By picking a Dozen or Column you’re simplifying the process and effectively taking the pressure off yourself. Each time, the same twelve numbers, it doesn’t get more complicated than that.

Quick on the Draw

One great benefit of the 12 numbers strategy is that you can place your wager very quickly, almost instantly in fact. You’re using the same numbers as before, so you don’t have to expend energy on choosing new ones – all of your thoughts can go towards your money and whether to increase your wager or decrease it. This is very helpful when there just isn’t a lot of time between live roulette games.

Now, before I get into the beating heart of this roulette strategy, it’s important that I clear one thing up. This strategy is based upon repetition, which is something that in my opinion all great roulette strategies are based upon. What this also means is that it isn’t some action-packed way to play that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat – the big wins you get might do, but not the actual way of playing. As long as you understand that before you start, you’ll likely get the most out of the 12 numbers roulette strategy.

12 Numbers Roulette Strategy in Action

You’ve learned about it, you committed it to memory, now it’s time to put the strategy into action. Helping you understand how a game might unfold, along with a quick tip or two on how to use it in the field, here’s an example of how the 12 numbers roulette strategy should work.

Step 1 – Decide on Your Numbers

For this example, it is assumed that you will have selected a Column or a Dozen as your set of 12 numbers. However, you can choose any 12 numbers on the wheel.

Step 2 – Make Notes and Create Your Own Statistics

A pen and paper will serve you well here – the game moves just too fast to start typing up results from games. You’re going to record the outcomes of the games that you play with your numbers. So, if you’re betting on Column 1 in a roulette game, you make notes based on your outcomes as seen in the image below. Keeping notes will be crucial to your statistical analysis and further understanding of the game.

Step 3 – Analyze the Game Data

Underneath your notes from the outcomes, record your Wins and your Losses – nothing beats a classic Ws and Ls commons. This is a way for you to gather data on how frequently either of those outcomes is occurring in your games, which allows you to see the pattern of when your chosen set is going to come up in the next few spins, or if it’s unlikely to come up at all. You can use this info to influence your bet size if you should place a wager, or if you should sit a game out in an effort to avoid the rest of a losing streak.

Step 4 – Keep Applying the Strategy

The more outcomes you have, the more you’ll see the pattern, and you’ll begin to see when the best chances of winning on your wagers are. The next idea is to learn the rules so that you can continue making smart choices with your strategy when it comes to the ratio of wins and losses, or targets to stop losses.

From Simple to Advanced

Look, it’s probably pretty obvious to you already, but 12 numbers roulette strategy on the surface is anything but complicated. In fact, it’s pretty fair to say that it’s overly simple, to the point where anyone can follow it. However, if you want to dial up the risk slightly and branch out slightly you can. Here’s a way you can make 12 numbers roulette strategy a little more advanced.

Bet a single unit, which is whatever the standard betting chip amount is in terms of value. It could be a standard from your online casino or one that you’ve assigned to that Column, Dozen, or set of 12 numbers. An option here is to bet double (so two chips in the above example) if your 12-set comes up consecutively. You’re doubling your bet for a possible third win, but make sure you’re only doing this once per double – that way you only lose a single chip. If you should win, you’ll be taking away 6 chips total, your bet of 2, and 4 chips as a profit.


Reduce your wager from your doubled chips to your initial bet, no matter whether you win or lose. So, the next round, you’ll be starting over from your initial bet (1 chip in the above example), even if you’ve lost 2 chips or won 4.

Stop-loss in this strategy is to stop betting after three losses in a row until one that you would have one (or another variable) occurs in the game. This is to allow you to stop the hemorrhaging of a bad losing streak since you’ll be able to see when a win has a better chance of coming up.

Betting stops completely and totally if your bankroll suffers a loss of 12 chips. Take a moment and walk away from roulette, either for a period of time or for the evening, to allow the “bad luck” to pass until you can expect favorable outcomes. This is a risk no matter the strategy you use or the data you collect.


When the outcome of a game is one of your chosen twelve numbers after stopping your bet completely following the three-in-a-row losses, you can re-enter the game by beginning the wager at the start, with your initial wager (one chip in this example).

End Game

The game is over for you when a fair target is reached, something you should ideally have in-mind before the wheel starts spinning. I personally recommend a target of 4 to 8 units added to your bankroll in a session. Here, a session is a set of at least a hundred spins on the same wheel. When you’ve ended a session, you can begin another from the very start of the strategy.

If a Zero should occur in the game, you can ignore the outcome in terms of your strategy. This means that you act as though the Zero never happened – you either continue your betting or you continue waiting if you should be on a stop loss. If you should be using an optional bet of doubling your wager after a win, bet a maximum of 10 cents per $2 on the Zero as well. So, for example, if you’re betting a full $20 on your set of 12 numbers, then you would bet an additional $1 on Zero. Putting it in layman’s terms, a Zero ending game is totally irrelevant to how you play and how your strategy performs.

It’s Time to Put it Work!

My hope in putting out this guide is that players who enjoy roulette will find more success in their game in addition to having learned something about the numbers on the wheel, along with the method that many of the pros use in their plays. Though this strategy may be a little time-consuming to get the hang of, not to mention a little on the basic side, I’ve found that it can be very beneficial in terms of knowing when to play and when to walk away, without overwhelming or pressuring decisions hanging over you.

The 12 numbers roulette strategy is a great betting strategy for those looking to kick up the quality of their roulette games, and I sincerely hope that you take away something useful from this guide – best of luck!

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