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The modern world is a pretty amazing place and the age of the internet has ushered in countless new ways to play and have fun. One such wonderful invention of our day and age is the chance to play live blackjack online.

Basically, live dealer blackjack brings you all of the fun and excitement of playing blackjack in a real land-based casino, with a live dealer and real cards, from the comfort of your own home or office. With live dealer blackjack there’s no need to “play against the computer”, which uses a random number generator, a computer algorithm designed to ensure every hand played is a statistically unique event, as you’ll be playing blackjack live online against a real dealer who is in a card room with a camera and real decks of cards.

Live dealer blackjack games happen in real time. The dealer or dealers are located in a real casino sound stage where the action is live streamed onto your computer or mobile device, providing you with all the look, feel and thrills of playing at a casino in Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City or Macau without having to travel anywhere. The video stream is HD, the table is a real blackjack table and the dealers are trained professional dealers just like you’d find at a brick and mortar casino.

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Benefits of live blackjack online and how does it work?

  • Streaming of HD video and audio from the live casino studio.
  • Professional dealers who are perfectly trained for this card game.
  • The game happened on your device’s screen in real time.
  • Available for playing from mobile devices or desktop.

How to get started playing live dealer blackjack

When you play live blackjack, you will realize that it is much different than gambling using a virtual software platform. Even though the playing method is common in between different providers, the technology varies.

Prior to embarking on your live casino blackjack experience, you need to follow different steps. We have enumerated the step-by-step guide for playing the live dealer blackjack. If you read this, you will be able to complete specific pre-requisites. Hence, keep reading until you attain the step which you have not completed.

So what do you need to know to get started playing live dealer blackjack online? Let’s go through the steps necessary to get you started.

  1. First off you’ll have to sign up at an online casino that offers live dealer blackjack. Currently, only Visionary iGaming casinos offer live dealer blackjack in the U.S. but expect this to change as playing live dealer blackjack online grows in demand, just as the game of blackjack itself continues to skyrocket in popularity around the globe as a beloved game of both chance and skill. Registration is usually a simple process that takes but a minute or two. The casino will ask you for a modicum of personal information to verify your identity and that you are of legal age to play.
  2. You’ll then be given the option of being able to follow the game of other gamblers or play for real money, which will require a deposit. An option of free play completely depends on the casino, with some offering the possibility as a service to their customers and others only allowing for real money live dealer games.
  3. The next step is to click on the live dealer link at your casino of choice and step onto the live dealer casino floor. As live dealer games are usually conducted by a specialty independent operator, you may be taken to a different casino lobby dedicated specifically to live dealer games.
  4. Once you’re there you’ll want to check out the particular casino’s different options, including table limits, and if there are high roller VIP games available. Big cards are used and it is going to be shuffled in front of the camera. A good live dealer blackjack will have Stand, Hit, Split, Surrender, or Double option. Get to know the rules before you start playing.Unlike the standard blackjack online, there is time consideration in play with gamblers and live dealers. You might be prompted when you take too long. Hence, play fast.
  5. Depending on where you’re playing, you may also be given the option to select your language, as some of the larger global live dealer online casino operators cater to a range of different countries, regions, and languages.

How does Live Online Blackjack Work?

Live casino is often handled by different providers than the primary casino. As you choose the live casino option, you are going to be taken to a different space in the lobby. Here, you can see the tables which are open along with the betting limits. In fact, there are casinos which will show you a picture of the dealer who is live at the casino during the moment.

The dealer tables of live blackjack are handled with 7 spots. The stake usually starts with $5 each hand. However, if you want to roll high then you can look for blackjack options which offer a minimum stake of $1000.

Quality of Video and Player Choice

You will notice that there is a difference in the detailing of betting interface and video with different casinos. However, generally, these appear to be similar. The prime portion of the screen is going to be taken up by the high definition video streaming of blackjack cards and live dealer. Usually, these are extra-large so that the players are able to see it. If it offers side bet then you have the option to add chips for selecting the squares separately.

Communicating with the Dealer

You will find a chat box for chatting when you have to interact with the other players and the dealer. However, you might not even require it. The dealer is going to reply loudly while the player has to use the chatting feature. At the back of the dealer, you will notice other tables that streams different games. These are laid out for replicating a real casino. The card decks are shuffled regularly in full view. The sizes of the cards are large so that it is easy for you to see the different size of the screens. The other options that you will find on screens will have the history of the betting along with the video and sound quality buttons.

Play Actively at Live Dealer Table

In order to keep on with the game, you need to act fast. You are going to be reminded by the dealer to act. There are buttons for Split, Hit, Stand, Surrender, and Double on your screen. When the hand is done, bets are going to be settled automatically. It is done by the software and the next hand is going to start off.

Strategies and Reducing House Edge

You need to use basic strategy if you have improved at live casino blackjack. However, just basic strategy is not going to make you a winner. It is going to help in making you an optimal player.

The strategy to be used largely depends on the variation of live blackjack that you will play. Dealer stand, deck size, and surrender rules are going to have an effect on the strategy that is being used.

Free Blackjack Strategy Chart for Printing

You will find one in the sidebar to your right (Click to enlarge). Players of live casino blackjack need to have a chart containing the basic strategy. These are available for all types of blackjack. Match the chart that you are using with the rules for the live casino. Make sure that you have your strategy chart close to you when you play the liver casino blackjack. One of the good thing about playing from the comfort of your home is that you will be able to refer to the table when you gamble.

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Basic Blackjack Tips

Given below are some tips and basic strategy chart for playing blackjack in live casino option. Keep in mind that this isn’t a comprehensive strategy for a single blackjack live version. It is actually a short version of good and not the best, the decision by players.

The strategy chart works really well with the well-known variation which is offered by most of the online casinos. In case you just learn the basic strategy for the high-deck games, you have to memorize that the dealer is going to hit on soft 17 charts. If you make an error, it is going to cost you a large amount of money.

Basic Decision of Players Based on the Hand and the Dealer Card

  • If you have 10 or 11 while the up card of the dealer is 9 or less, double down.
  • If you have 9 while the dealer shows 3, 4, 5, or 6, double down.
  • In the above two scenarios, in case you don’t double down, just hit. When you have hands of 11 or less than that, hit.
  • Having a hand in between 17-21, stand.
  • Having hands in 12-16, stand in case the dealer has 6 or less. However, if the dealer has 7 or more than that, you have to hit.
  • Always stand when you have a soft hand of 19 or greater.
  • Always hit when you have soft hands of 15 or lower than that.
  • When you have a soft hand in between 16 and 18, it will be more complicated. You have to hit against 7 or something higher than that.
  • If allowed split eights and aces, always.
  • Do not split 4s, 5s, or 10s.
  • When the dealer has 6 or less than that, you have to split when you receive the other two pairs, 2s, 3s, 6s, 7s, and 9s.
  • Do not ever take insurance. This might be s sucker bet for everybody but card counters in rare times.

What you’ll see on the screen while playing Live Blackjack

Now it’s time to familiarize yourself with the live dealer layout. You’ll see the live stream HD image of the dealer, almost always an attractive young lady, in the center of your screen. Your chips will usually be at the bottom of the screen in different denominations. To bet you simply click on the chips you wish to use for each hand. Typically, live dealer games start at $5 but you can find some online casinos that offer live dealer VIP rooms where bets can start as high as $1,000.

The Blackjack dealer will then deal out the cards on the table, which will also appear on your computer screen beneath the live stream and you click to hit, stand, double down, split or surrender.

Once the hand is closed, the computer will automatically tabulate the bets and either credit or debit your account. There are even a slot labeled tips that you can deposit chips in if you’re happy with your dealer and enjoy the game.

As many live dealer games are played one too many, meaning that there can be up to seven players at a table with a single dealer just like in a typical Vegas casino, by using the community chat feature and your keyboard, you can speak with other players, learn who has joined or left the table and even chat with the dealer. Because the dealer is active handling the cards, she will be speaking back to you using a nearby microphone mounted on the table, so you’ll need to have your computer’s audio on or headphones in to hear her.

You’ll be able to watch the dealer shuffle the cards, deal from the shoe and be given the options to stand, hit, double down, split or surrender (depending on the game) just as if you were playing blackjack online against the computer or in a real brick and mortar casino.

Mobile Live Casino Blackjack

Most Casinos support mobile live casino blackjack. As it’s played on HTML5 platform, the technology has been designed for supporting smartphones, desktop computers, and tablets. If you have to access Live Blackjack with the help of your iPhone, Ipad, and Android smartphone, you will have to check the live dealer option of the online gambling site.

Mobile gambling has turned out to be really popular in recent times. The online gambling site ensures that mobile platforms are easy to handle. The online players of live casino blackjack that use iOS and Android smartphones are going to look for;

  • The dealers of the live casino are using large cards for making it easier to check everything on a smaller screen.
  • Games video graphics is going to keep a track on the bet size and the hand total but otherwise, it is unobtrusive.
  • All features appear on the mobile screen at real time. This means that you will be able to provide your feedback to the dealer, pit boss, or hostess.
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Time is of the essence and Live Dealer Blackjack FAQ

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that time is important in playing live dealer blackjack.

When you’re playing real money blackjack online at home you have the option to take as much time as you want, study your cheat sheet or even go to the fridge for a snack or a cold drink in the middle of a hand. Not so with live dealer blackjack. Just like in a real land-based casino, there are other people at the table and the game needs to move along at a reasonable pace, so you may be prompted by the dealer to pick it up a bit if you’re taking too much time.

At the end of your gaming session, you’ll then have the option to either withdrawal your winnings or keep them in your online casino account for the next time you feel the need to play live dealer blackjack online. It’s as simple and fun as that.

And there you have it, in no time you’re playing live dealer blackjack online!

Where can I play Live Blackjack 21?

Live Dealer Blackjack can be played at online casinos offering live dealer tables. Before you register with a gaming venue, check out if it offers Live Casino. It is a game which is available at all Live Casinos.

How to find a trusted online casino?

Prior to joining an online casino, visit the gaming portals dedicated to live dealer games like to check out its reputation and all its features. You can also explore the web, but it will take more time. A trusted online casino has to be licensed and regulated by a reliable gaming body.

Can I play Live Blackjack in free play mode?

Unfortunately, live dealer games including Live Blackjack are not available in free play mode.

Is Live Blackjack a good game for beginners?

Before you start playing, it is recommended to play its virtual counterpart in free play mode first to learn all the rules and hone your skills. Blackjack is a game of skill where the outcome of each round depends on the decisions and moves you make, so take your time and practice it in free play mode before you start wagering real money on Live Blackjack.

How much it costs to play Live Blackjack?

Live Blackjack tables come with a wide range of betting options, but you have to know that the minimum bets allowed are higher than those at virtual tables. That’s why it is important to be well prepared for the game before you join a Live Blackjack table. A betting range can spread between $5 and $10,000.

Are all Live Blackjack tables the same?

No, they are not all the same. Live Blackjack tables come with various features and betting options depending on the gaming company they are provided by. They can vary in a betting range, with VIP tables allowing placing bets of $1,000 and more. Some operators accept only a few players at the same time or host one-to-one rounds, while some tables can be joined by an unlimited number of players simultaneously.

Can I place side bets?

Yes, there are tables where you can play side bets like Perfect Pairs, 21+3 or Bet Behind, a bet that can be placed while waiting to join the table. Side bets come with higher house edges, but they can yield bigger payouts.

Can I use welcome bonuses to play?

Standard welcome bonuses are not suitable for live dealer games as bets placed on them contribute towards wagering requirements at a lower rate. Find online casinos that offer special Live Casino welcome and reload bonuses you can use to boost your bankroll and enjoy an immersive gaming experience at a Live Blackjack table.

What are the advantages of playing Live Blackjack?

Live Blackjack will provide you with a genuine casino experience, the most similar to the one you can get at a brick-and-mortar casino, from the comfort of your home, office or even on the move. With multiple betting options and side bets, you can make the most of the gameplay while watching friendly live dealers operating the game right in front of you. Everything happens in real time, so make sure to exclude any distractions and focus on the game.

Written by Shane Pickrell

Shane PickrellShane Pickrell is a seasoned expert in the world of online gambling, with a profound passion for enhancing the gaming experience through his deep knowledge of online live dealer games. With over a decade of involvement in the industry, Shane has established himself as a respected authority on the intricacies of live dealer gaming and its dynamic impact on the gambling landscape.

Shane’s journey into the realm of online gambling was paved with a solid educational foundation. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from a prestigious university in the United States. His academic pursuits not only honed his analytical skills but also provided him with a well-rounded understanding of the business and technological aspects of the online gaming industry.