Getting Started Playing Craps

Craps is a type of online casino game that allows players to win fast cash and many consider it as the most exhilarating game that any casino can offer a player. Part of the reason why this game is so popular is that the excitement and thrill found at the table are relentless. It is the only casino game that allows shouting and excessive noise that we know of. To the point where being rowdy and going with the excitement is almost encouraged.

We know it might sound a bit crazy for first-timers, at a crowded and noisy dice table, players often tend to get confused. However, there is nothing to fear when it comes to rolling the dice. The game is sometimes easier than most people think, especially when you have the right information by your side.

Why are four staff members needed for one craps table?

Each dice table has four casino staff and it’s no surprise that most people wonder why. The boxman is the host in the middle, who is responsible for monitoring the dealers and the entire game as it unfolds. Checking the dice thrown out of the dice-box; there are two dealers on both sides of the table, they are responsible for each half of their side of the table’s bets.

Another known person at the table is the stickman, holding a soft stick, he (or she) is responsible for taking back the dice every time after it’s thrown. This individual will always check whether there is anything wrong with the dice in case of cheating or damage.

When all the bets have been placed, the stickman will push several pairs of dice to the shooter (the person who throws the dice). After the shooter has selected two dice, he will withdraw the remaining dice.

What’s happening at the table?

The dice are usually thrown by the players in turn according to the clock’s direction. If you don’t wish to roll, you can shake your head to indicate that the dealer should ask the next player to roll. Other players can choose the same or opposite playing method as the previous shooter. Therefore, the numbers thrown by the shooter are related to the win or loss of all casinos, but the casino is responsible for the settlement of claims, and players cannot bet against each other. Putting it simply, every roll of the dice in a game of craps is you versus the house.

How to roll the dice?

When it is your turn to roll you can choose two dice, returning the rest to the stickman. You can only start rolling after you place the bet. You can keep being the shooter until you seven out (resignation point), or voluntarily give up. If you roll seven or eleven for the first time, you will immediately become the winner, and you can continue to roll after receiving the cash; but if you roll two, three, or twelve points for the first time, you immediately lose, but you can still continue to be shooter because you have not rolled a seven yet.

If the first outcome after you throw is neither seven, eleven, nor two, three, twelve and other numbers that immediately win or lose, it is called the come-out roll.

For example, you rolled four, five, six, eight, nine or ten, a sign will be placed in the box of the number to let all players know that this is your number called “The Point”. Before you have rolled a seven, if you roll your number again, you will win; if you can’t roll your number again, you will lose the game and pass the shooter title to the next player.

Ways to bet in craps

These are the basic rules of dice play, as, for the rules of craps, things can change a little depending on the table you choose to play at, or even the casino you choose to play at. Some numbers may have better odds than others, for example, which makes the game more unpredictable and even more exciting in some cases.

Craps itself has more than a dozen different gambling approaches. Players should try to maintain a simple and clear playing method as a result, and bet on the method with the lowest house advantage. There are some complicated craps strategies though, although the payout may be as high as 30 to 1, should you be will to embrace the complexity. Craps really is one of those games that suits everyone, as no matter your risk approach, you’ll find a suitable way to play at the craps table.

Here is a little bit more information on the four major types of bets you can adopt when you play online craps:

Pass and Don’t Pass

Pass and don’t pass betting is simple, the expected house edge is only about 1.4%. As a result, about 90% of players play pass and pass bets. For this type of wager, you bet that the shooter will win or lose, or to say you bet on the betting person, as long as the shooter wins, you will win. On the contrary, if you bet don’t pass, when the shooter wins, you will lose.

Two and three numbers are also immediate losses for anyone who bet pass. The only difference from the shooter is that when the first twelve is thrown, although it is the shooter’s immediate loss, but for those who bet pass, it can be considered a tie, regardless of win or lose.

Come and Don’t Come

In principle, come and don’t come bets are not much different from the pass and don’t pass bets. The difference is that the bets of pass and don’t pass must be fully placed before the throw. Bet on come and don’t come must wait until the shooter throws “The Point” for the first time before placing a bet. That is before the first throw, don’t place a bet, but before the second and any throws, you can place a bet.

In this way of playing, if the outcome is 9, you can place your bet in the come box, and the next point you throw is your come point. If it is 6, the dealer will place your bet in the 6 box and keep your record. If the shooter rolls your point before sevens out, you will win the game; If the shooter throws seven points first, you lose; if the shooter throws his point first, then you don’t lose nor win.

The Field

Heading out into the field, it’s a phrase you are likely to hear quite often whenever you pay a visit to the craps table. What it means is a type of bet, one that breaks from the norm of come and don’t come and pass and don’t pass bets. The field sees a player bet on landing a 3, 4, 9, 10, or 11, a double payout on a 2, and even a triple if a 12 whenever the dice is rolled. Losses will occur when a 5, 6, 7, or 8 lands from a roll. The field for many is considered to bet the perfect fast wager, as it requires little thought, but can still deliver a solid return.


So, you like to do things the hard way? Well, if you do craps has the perfect type of bet for you. Aptly called the hardways bet, when you bet this way you are hopping on a double landing of two identical numbers. You see, the nickname for two of the same number appearing on a roll is hardways, hence why this is known as the hardways bet. For example, a hard 8 will be two 8s, a hard 7 will be two 7s, a hard 6 will be two 6s, and well, you should get the idea from here.

You can wager on any of a hard 10, hard 8, hard 6, or a hard 4. If the chosen hard number is rolled before a 7, you’ll win the cash, it’s really that simple. As with some other bets, the amount paid out is determined by the number bet on, so keep an eye on the table to understand what your return will be when you put your money down.

You’re ready to roll!

Nothing quite beats the thrill of the craps table. The excitement of the throw and the suspense that comes with it are unmatched, especially if the number that lands lead to a big win for you or another player at the table. Given the atmosphere that the game generates, we can understand why some players feel a little intimidated and don’t join the fun. Fear not, as we hope that the above has helped relieve some of your fears.

Blowing open the game of craps, you should now be ready to step forwards and roll the dice. Good luck out there and make sure you out those sevens!

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