When and How to Surrender at Blackjack?

Amongst all the options that are available to you at the table, blackjack surrender is the one which is used the least and is also least understood. As a matter of fact, there are many live casinos where the blackjack surrender option isn’t available anymore. This is because a majority of the players didn’t just use the option. Blackjack players always have this hidden urge which makes them want to fight till a bitter end. Never surrender or give up.

Early surrender strategy can be the most powerful weapon to use at a card game of blackjack. If you are able to use it in the right manner, this is one of the few options that can truncate the edge of the house and offer you a better chance to win.

Blackjack Surrender: What is it?

Blackjack surrender is commonly called late surrender. It is what the name implies. With this option, you can give up your hand and then forfeit about half of your actual wager after the dealer will check to find out whether they have blackjack. When the player uses this option, the dealer will accumulate the original bet and then the hand is going to be over.

For instance, you have been dealt with a hard total of 16 and then the dealer showcases 10. In some time you will find out that this hand is a good blackjack surrender. The bet on the hand is $10. Hence, when you surrender, the dealer’s hand will collect $5 and then give back $5 to you. The hand will be over and you will not be able to take any action anymore.

Another option is also there but it is hardly found in the casinos of present times. This is called an early surrender. With these options, you will have the permission to forfeit the hand prior to the dealer checking for blackjack. It can reduce the house edge to a greater extent. Quite, unfortunately, there are many casinos that do not offer the player with the blackjack surrender option.

Tips to use the Option

Like the other player option, blackjack surrender is going to be executed in the table with a particular action. You just have to say the word ‘surrender’ to the dealer and this is going to alert the dealer regarding what you would like to do.

A thing that you need to remember is that in a live casino, it is important for the player to maintain eye contact with their dealer. Also, you need to speak in a clear and loud voice. This is because casinos are a loud place that has a lot of distractions. In case the dealer isn’t looking at you or isn’t hearing what you have to say, he might mistake your action to surrender with something else. This is something that many players experience in live blackjack play. There are times when the live blackjack dealers do not pay attention and will carry out some other options.

You should not move your hands when you avail of the blackjack surrender option. This is one of the few choices which have to be executed in a verbal manner. As a matter of fact, the other options at the table can be executed using the hand. Hence, you should not move your hand when you plan to surrender. This is because the blackjack dealer might mistake the hand movement as your decision to stand or hit.

In case you are playing over the internet, you can easily accomplish the strategy. You will find a button with the option written on it. All you have to do is click on the button and you will have surrendered your hand.

The Rules

In a majority of the casinos, the rules to surrender are as follows.

  • You can surrender two-card total.
  • You cannot execute blackjack surrender after otherwise taking action on the hand. In simple words, you might not surrender after you hit, double down, stand, take insurance, or split.

These are all the rules pertaining to surrender. When it comes to surrendering, the only thing which matters is the strategy to use it.

Blackjack Surrender Strategy

When you use a surrender, it is going to reduce the edge of casinos by 0.07%. This is a game of edges and percentages. The best way to be a consistent winner in blackjack is to avail every possible means to truncate the house edge. This means that you should surrender whenever possible.

Quite fortunately, the strategy you need to use for surrender at blackjack is pretty easy to remember. When you are playing a multiple-deck game, you need to exercise surrender in the manner given below.

  • Surrender hard total 16 against 9, 10, or Ace of the dealer.
  • Surrender hard total 15 against 10 or Ace of the dealer.

That is all. These are the two scenarios in regards to multiple-deck blackjack that make you surrender the hand. The other hands need to be played as per the basic strategy of blackjack. This implies that you will have man-up and will hit stiff hand against 10 of the dealer. Make sure that you do not surrender hard totals 12, 13. 14. The only reason is that you are going to secure a great win if you hit these hands in the long run. It is better not to play any hunches at the table when you have to surrender. You need to act as per the strategy has given above. There isn’t any kind of exceptions.

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