Online Blackjack Tournaments

An online blackjack tournament is a lot of fun, arguably not so much as those at casinos but the digital versions are the next best thing when you cannot get to Vegas or Atlantic City. You may also head for Tunica in Mississippi which is fondly known as the gambling capital in the south. You may partake in some blackjack tournaments at Biloxi in Mississippi, Palm Springs in California or Southeastern Connecticut.
Online blackjack tournaments can offer the same socialization as land casinos, albeit the experience would be virtual but the financial rewards could be the same or greater. Online blackjack tournaments are more convenient and many have more reasonable buy-ins and re-buys. Read our guide on how to play and how to win an online blackjack tournament!

The popularity of Blackjack Tournaments in the usa

There are many types of blackjack tournaments and the rules do vary. The sheer plethora of options and the fascinating returns are the two major reasons why blackjack tournaments are so popular. Usually, an online blackjack tournament would have a qualifier wherein each player would get to play three rounds round of twenty hands.

The top two players as per the value of accumulated chips will progress to the subsequent round, which is usually the semifinal. The second round or semifinal usually begins with a fresh stack of chips. This could be anywhere from five hundred to a thousand dollars. Only the top player with most chips or the highest value will progress to the final round.

Online blackjack tournaments are a little more thrilling than the usual version of the game. You do not have to consistently win against the dealer to emerge victoriously. All you must do is win against the other players. Those who have larger stacks of chips often root for the dealer as that simplifies their path forward. The final round or table typically has six players. All six players would win something at least in the end. The winner gets half of the payoff. The runner-up gets a quarter of the payoff. The player coming in at the third place gets fifteen percent of the payoff and the other three players taking the fourth, fifth and sixth places respectively get five percent each.

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Where to Play Blackjack Tournaments?

You can play a blackjack tournament at land casinos or online casinos. Not all online casinos run a live blackjack casino so you should shortlist your options accordingly. Online blackjack tournaments usually have buy-ins pegged at forty dollars and players are permitted to go for two re-buys, usually twenty dollars each. The payoff or the prize money can be anywhere from a few thousand to a million dollars, at times more. Always read all the rules about specific blackjack tournaments. It is not just about buy-ins or re-buys but the entire process in which the tournament would be conducted. We recommend checking one of the casinos from the table above regularly for ongoing promotions and tournaments.

Facts about Online Blackjack Tournaments

  • Participants play against one another and the dealer. Those better off with larger stacks of chips will often end up winning if other players lose to the dealer.
  • The casino will decide the rules, including the total number of rounds and how many players, will qualify for the final. The bankroll usually remains unchanged. Every player will have the predetermined number of hands for every round. It is crucial to read the rules of the tournament thoroughly!
  • Blackjack tournaments can be single or multi-play. A popular version is elimination blackjack. In this type of tournament, there is only one winner who takes all.

Casino Blackjack vs. Blackjack Tournaments

Blackjack tournaments bring people together. Players may be strangers at the outset but they may become friends in due course of the tournament. Casino blackjack is not exactly a socializing event. It is a more usual game where a player bets against the dealer or the house. Blackjack tournaments have players betting against one another so the thrill is much more satiating and the adrenaline rush is unmistakable. The dealer does not win in blackjack tournaments. The house or the casino has no stakes in the winning prize or payoff so it is up to the players to outdo one another with the dealer being simply the facilitator. Casino blackjack requires players to know all the rules and effective strategies. Blackjack tournaments are easier since one is not playing against a seasoned dealer or the house that always has better odds.

Different Types of Blackjack Tournament

The common types of blackjack tournament are Live-Money, Mini and Major, Sit ‘N’ Go, Elimination and Non-Elimination or Accumulation. Non-Elimination blackjack tournaments allow players who have been eliminated to re-buy up to a predetermined value. The objective is to win as much money as possible. Since players do not get eliminated and can come back and play again, this is not the most popular format of blackjack tournaments.

Elimination blackjack tournaments are more popular. All players get to play the same number of hands before the end of the round when the player with the least chips gets eliminated. One does not have to be completely out of chips at this stage but only with the smallest stack.

Money blackjack tournaments are basically the normal format wherein chips get exchanged for hard cash or actual money. All tournaments wherein chips do not have any real-world value are excluded from this category and are basically just games with no financial consequence.

Mini tournaments have a low entry fee and the prize money is not a lot. Such tournaments are organized every now and then, often once a week or more at land-based and online casinos. These tournaments are very popular among regulars who do not wish to risk a lot every time they want to have some fun and are best for amateurs or novices. Only after getting familiar with these should one proceed to major tournaments where entry fees are high and the rewards are much greater.

Major tournaments can have payoffs worth a million or more. These are not organized every week but on select weekends of the year. Sit ‘n’ go blackjack tournaments are usually organized online. They are available all the time. The maximum number of players at any table is six.

How to play a Blackjack Tournament

You must decide if you want to play at a land-based casino or participate in one of the online blackjack tournaments.

  • Almost every tournament requires you to buy the chips upfront as a token of entering the game. All first bets should be matched.
  • The first round starts as the dealer has finished dealing the cards. Players place their bets. These can be minimum or maximum values. Only the first player can place a bet of their choice. Others should match it.
  • Then bets are placed as per the rules of the particular tournament. Usually, the rules are quite standard. You can hit, double down, stand or surrender.
  • Every bet must be placed within a certain period of time. The rules of the tournament should make this clear.
  • Play each hand throughout the round and try to amass as many chips as you can.
  • The winner of the round progresses to the next stage in elimination tournaments so try not to lose in the first round itself.
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Blackjack Tournament Strategy

There are a traditional blackjack tournament strategy and a contrarian approach. The more common strategy is to always match the bets of others as a way to let them know that you are in the game and not down or out. Every bet you place should also be in accordance with the stack of chips you have. Disproportional betting would lead to losses. You cannot be passive when you have few chips left. Those with more chips do not need to be aggressive.

The contrarian strategy is to bet against the tide. You should go for a smaller bet when you should practically go for a higher bet. This is primarily to facilitate carving out a distinct route ahead rather than just following or responding to what other players are doing. Amateurs or novices will have problems with such a strategy.

To enhance your chances of winning online blackjack tournaments, you must hone your skills and always be lucidly familiar with the rules. You cannot have problems recollecting the rules when you have to place bets. You must know the game well and be confident in your assessments. Never forget that small wins matter as much as big wins. It is actually several small wins that will help you to chart smooth sailing than hoping for that one elusive big win. You need more chips than your competitors. Always prioritize a short-term strategy for the round. You can think about the next round when you qualify.

Never make a mistake and do not ever miss a mistake made by others. Avoid chatting and any type of distraction. It would hurt you immediately. Have your own strategy and do not engage in any flip-flop during the play. If you are uncertain of your ideal response, then your competitors will spot that and you would be vulnerable to making the wrong moves. Start with mini tournaments and then sign up for a major one.

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