Oscar’s Grind System

Oscar’s Grind betting system sometimes referred to as Hoyle’s Press is one of the fairly easy positive progression betting systems with a low-risk rate. The betting strategy is devised to exploit the potential of the winning streaks and control the damage caused by the consecutive losing hands in casino games.

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How Does Oscar’s Grind System Work?

After determining the base betting unit, the players will start by following the simplest betting pattern – the so-called flat betting, during which the same amount is wagered over and over again.

The amount will not change unless the player wins (one unit profit); when that happens, the bet must be increased by one unit. The objective of the strategy is to generate profit that’s equivalent to the initial bet amount, which means that every bet increase is adjusted towards achieving that particular goal, as presented in the table below:

Bet SizeResultProfitPlayer’s next wager
1 unitLoss-1No change in amount
1 unitLoss-2No change in amount
1 unitLoss-3No change in amount
1 unitLoss-4No change in amount
1 unitLoss-5No change in amount
1 unitWin-4Next bet increases by a single unit
2 unitsLoss-6Bet remains the same - 2 units
2 unitsWin-4Next bet increased to 3 units
3 unitsWin-1Next bet adjusted to 2 units to generate a single unit profit
2 unitsWin1Session completed

Let us elaborate by replacing the “unit” with a $1 bet – assuming that you have $100 balance, the session would look like this:

Bet SizeOutcomeProfitBalance (out of $100)

The Advantages of Oscar’s Grind Betting Pattern

Due to the disciplined increase in bets, Oscar’s Grind strategy will assist the players in surviving long losing streaks without running a risk of hitting the table limits. The constant and aggressive stake growth is the main drawback of most betting patterns, but Oscar’s Grind overrides the problem by limiting the objective of every round to a single-unit profit.

This type of wagering can generate smaller payouts and even if you strike a longer losing streak of 10 rounds, it will take no more than 4 winning hands to recover your balance and put you back in the saddle.

The Disadvantages of the Betting System

Patience is the key to successfully employing the Oscar betting system and many players will find it quite tedious. The winnings are too modest to compensate for the lack of excitement and no big hits can be expected with the old Hoyle’s Press or Pluscoup Progression, as the French and Germans call it.

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