Flat Betting System

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Flat Betting is the simplest form of betting which only requires the blackjack players to remain consistent and bet on the same amount over and over again. Due to its simplicity, many do not even believe that Flat Betting qualifies as a blackjack betting strategy, yet online casino operators may feel differently, especially while processing payout requests. Allegedly, few incidents of refused withdrawals have been recorded as the players were accused of using betting systems, which later turned out to be nothing more than good, old Flat Betting…

How Does It Work?

The first (and final) step is to decide on the betting unit. When doing that, the players must always take side bets, doubling down, splitting, and insurance into consideration. Each of these options will require an additional stake, so you should make sure that the base (and the only bet in this case) is not too high. In other words, always select a bet that you can afford to lose and make sure that your budget can sustain sudden losing streaks. Other than that, you shouldn’t be overly concerned about the amount, as the system is easy to track – there will be no complex increases that could result in confusion.

The next step is deciding on the exact number of hands that you would like to play while flat betting. Most players recommend starting with 100 hands, but you should let your budget decide. Although this number may seem a bit excessive, you should remember that a single blackjack session lasts only a few minutes, so, in terms of time, a cycle of 100 hands can be quite short. Alternatively, you can decide on a time frame and play for no more than an hour. Playing blackjack online comes with the advantage of setting up a reality check feature. You can also divide the budget by the number of hands and make additional adjustments to your bet – if necessary. For example, if you decide to play 100 hands with a $200 budget, your base bet should be set at $2.

The final stage is reaching the objective and cashing out. After you achieve the goal and generate the desired profit, Flat Betting system commands that you wrap up the game and collect the winnings.

The Advantages of Blackjack Flat Betting Pattern

Flat Betting is extremely easy to use and, apart from some pre-planning, no additional preparation will be required. Thanks to the fixed bet amounts, the possibility of any excessive losses is completely eliminated.

The Disadvantages of Flat Betting System

The main disadvantage of Flat Betting is that the system does not perform well in the long run. The profits are minimal and in order to remain on top, more than 50% of your hands will have to win.

On top of that, the system can be quite tedious, which is one of the reasons some players avoid Flat Betting and turn to the riskier and more complex strategies, such as Labouchere or Oscar’s Grind.

Written by Shane Pickrell

Shane PickrellShane Pickrell is a seasoned expert in the world of online gambling, with a profound passion for enhancing the gaming experience through his deep knowledge of online live dealer games. With over a decade of involvement in the industry, Shane has established himself as a respected authority on the intricacies of live dealer gaming and its dynamic impact on the gambling landscape.

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