MGM Resorts Creates $1 Million Employee Relief Fund, Donates 400,000 Meals

It’s no secret that the current coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll on so many industries. There are countries that are essentially on lockdown, as social distancing measures are essential to keeping the virus at bay. This has, in turn, put the casino business in serious jeopardy, with cities like Las Vegas and Atlantic City ordering the closure of all gaming venues within their premises. Many prominent brands were left with a growing financial dent, which the employees were inevitably going to feel.

MGM Resorts was one of the first operators to pull the plug on their casinos, in an effort to help both their state and country to tackle the COVID-19 outbreak. While their way of doing business hasn’t always been praised, they did receive substantial praise for creating a $1 million fund to pay their employees whilst the venues are closed. In addition to this, they also donated a significant amount of meals.

Compassion in a Time of Need

Legally, companies aren’t required to pay their employees while the country is under a state of emergency. Pandemics, wars, floods, and other disasters are out of the employer’s control, so they aren’t obliged to cover the costs. However, it’s a known fact that such situations result in the economy deteriorating due to a lack of cash flow. Sans the digital industry, most people are out of work and can’t spend, leaving businesses cashless as well.

Las Vegas, the global gambling Mecca, is predicted to lose approximately 66,000 jobs and be the hardest-hit city in the US. Because of this, many of the city’s operators have joined forces to lessen the blow for everyone. MGM released a statement through its CEO, Bill Hornbuckle, stating that the company acknowledges the challenging nature of the current situations. Officially, $1 million will go into the MGM Employee Emergency Grant Fund.

In a few days’ time, the fund is expected to grow as the details are being worked. This is already the second iteration of the project, as eligibility coverage was expanded compared to the first version. Nevertheless, it is projected that the fund will last up to three months, which is about the time people expect the crisis to be over with.

Caring for Those Affected

MGM Resorts didn’t just stop at making their employees’ lives easier. They went out of their way to do something for all the cities that welcomed their brand. A total of eight states have seen various MGM venues officially donated tens of thousands of pounds of food and produce to local charities, food banks, and humanitarian organizations.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, as MGM has consistently made charitable efforts in just about every community they’ve operated in. In November of 2019, the company made a pledge to donate five million meals by 2025. The initiative is a part of the Focused on What Matters program, which was design to encourage both players and MGM employees to contribute to the general well-being at any level they deem fit.

In such grim times, it’s great seeing Nevada’s largest employer consistently do things that help out the people they interact with. Two more months of the pandemic will definitely deliver even more blows to the city of Las Vegas, but it’s certain that they will be able to recover from the ordeal.

With the help of companies like MGM Resorts, the economy will be sustained at least for a short while. We’re yet to hear from the State Government about measures that will protect citizens from the recession.

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