MGM Resorts Signs Partnership With Boston Red Sox

Towards the final days of 2018, just before the turkey feast came along, MGM Resorts International wanted to mark the end with a bang, well, with another big deal. Known as the conglomerate of the gambling industry, MGM signed a deal with MLB. This joint venture is supposed to bring in a plethora of market share, new opportunities to make profits in 2019 and beyond. They also are thinking about baseball enthusiasts and casino players from the gambling perspective, of course.

Their last major partnership with Major League Baseball’s franchise, The Red Sox, was a great success. Definitely, they wanted to repeat the history again. The current trend of making new friends and gathering partnerships is not untouched by others as well. Probably we will see many more in the current year too.

Fenway Sports Management facilitated this landmark agreement between the two parties. This international sports marketing company is famous worldwide for its rapport, influential deals, and providing their client, the organizations, with unique and memorable experiences. The firm actually expertise in partnership consulting and sales, apart from marketing. If we broke down the current deal between MGM and MLB, we can uncover several layers of pacts between them. Here is a list of some of them.

  • Winter Weekend at MGM Springfield
  • VIP gameday hospitality
  • Gameday signage around the park

The Boston’s monumental park of Fenway is going to witness a great turn up and Fenway has managed to put up a decent event. As per sources and the timeline announced, they shall commence and progress as we go through 2019.

Taking a Quick Look at the Partnership

When it comes to marketing, brands, and partnerships, identity is most important. Perhaps, the big thing here is also MGM’s logo. According to the agreement, their logo must be displayed on the most iconic ballpark in MLB, the Fenway’s Green Monster Park. This immediately tells the audience of the joint venture.

“Speaking of baseball enthusiasts and casino goers”

Starting with exclusivity, MGM has already managed to get unparalleled and exclusive access to the amazing fan experience at the park. MGM is obviously the official resort for the Red Sox, but on top of it, the conglomerate is also getting visible messaging behind the home plate, radio, and other media outlets.

Adding to that, you can look forward to the Red Sox Annual Baseball Winter Weekend Event that will be hosted by MGM Springfield. This will be an addition to a variety of other promotional events throughout the year. Marketing does not mean a one-time investment, but it has to be there as the ball rolls down the alley, at regular intervals.

In the main event, a round-table meeting on baseball topics and other things are going to be held. Also, as far as sources speak, we are expecting a Town Hall Meeting with Sox, which will be followed by usual photographs, autographs, and interaction. If you are thinking of being there, do count your luck.

A Long Collaboration Ahead

As the partnership came into being, both the parties have announced a long-standing vision. In his own words, “This is such a natural partnership for our two brands. MGM has set the standard in the hospitality and entertainment industry and their recent expansion into the commonwealth makes them a clear partner.”

This statement was made by the CEO and President of Boston Red Sox, Mr. Sam Kennedy. On the other hand, Jim Murren from MGM is also very pleased.

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