NJ Sports Betting Kiosks & Lounges Are Getting Popular – What Are They In Actuality?

Legal sports betting has expanded all over the US, starting from New Jersey to Arkansas and then to New Mexico. Well, legal sports betting have created ample opportunities nowadays which include the unlikely partnerships that professional leagues, as well as franchises, are being linked through registered sportsbooks.

Most of the partnerships between sportsbooks and teams lead to more than just marketing deals. Some of the main points include cross-promotion of brands, signage, a branded kiosk or lounge at the arena. These lounges and kiosks are way too far from the interesting features of the deals. Now that they are new in the market, there is no dearth of answers to endless questions as far as the sports betting kiosks and lounges are concerned that is first of its kinds.

  • What are these kiosks and lounges exactly?
  • What are the products and services offered here?
  • Is the access restricted for minors?
  • What about their location within the arena?

Here, we will try our best to answer such questions to give you an idea of what you can expect at these NJ sports betting kiosks.

Meaning of a sports betting kiosk

It is basically a betting kiosk which is best defined as an information booth.

What do these kiosks offer?

Well, the kiosks are basically branded booths situated near the concourse. Such kiosks are mostly managed by a few employees and they are well trained to answer your queries and also educate people about the product. The employees are also permitted to help people with the online registry for sports betting accounts and can give out promotional offers and branded swags. There was a similar deal in the past between the New Jersey Devils and PartyPoker NJ which had kiosks at the platforms. The kiosks were mainly utilized for registering customers.

Overview of a sports betting lounge

It is a sports restaurant or a bar and definitely not anywhere close to a sportsbook. It is like in-stadium sports betting lounges which mostly features the branding of sportsbook and themes of sports betting. However as far as cashing and placing out bets is concerned, it is not in the menu.

Activities that can and can’t be done at sports betting lounges

When it comes to sports betting lounges outside the registered gaming companies, they are not allowed to provide services which would encourage betting. If you wish to facilitate, the lounge will have to acquire a gambling license through the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. Also, there is an option of it being in the cards. Minors are not allowed to enter. This certainly doesn’t mean that sports bets cannot be placed while you are in the lounge.

Like you can in a local pub or at an Olive Garden, any person holding a registered online account is free to place wagers with the help of their personal mobile device. The important piece of information to be noted here is that the lounge does not provide tablets or any such related devices which can be used for placing wagers through patrons. By doing so, it not only leads to wagering but also turns the company into an internet cafe which is considered to be highly illegal.

Things that you are unaware of

Sports betting kiosks and lounges outside the registered gaming facilities are merely bars and information booths in New Jersey. It simply acts like a marketing or promotional tool. Nobody is totally clear on how accurately these marketing tricks can be taken. For instance:

  • Can workers of the lounge petition new clients with special promo codes and offers?
  • Can workers walk customers with the help of the online registration process?
  • Can employees allow customers to use house mobile instruments to register?
  • Does the lounge show a stream of the sportsbooks that are affiliated?

One can be sure of some operators of lounge and kiosk pushing the envelope each time they think they can.

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