PlayBrain Acquires License for League of Legends Events

Announced in 2016, the company called PlayBrain came to being in Japan. They have been really successful in gaining up to $1.9 million in funding from different agencies and supporters. The League of Legends, which is also known by its abbreviation LOL, is very popular among enthusiasts. The events are a great source of attraction too.

Japan’s eSports Community

You can find reports that up to 60 million engage in this gaming spirit across the country. This includes those on a regular basis. Further, the tally takes into account local gamers too. They not just manage but are willing to contribute to the overall experience in these events. In the last year itself, the Japanese Gaming Industry has grown more than 1300%, and 2019 has given a boost too. If we just talk about “eSports” and esports odds, the current trend has taken more than 380 million people into the domain. This includes not just Japan, but the entire Asia Pacific region contributing 53% of the tally.

PlayBrain in Japan

The brainchild of founder Mike Sheetal, PlayBrain gives a chance and opportunity to offer advertising and marketing for the gaming sector in the country. The eSports has been going strong, and the company focuses on this sector even more in 2019. So far it has been serving clients like Riot Games, Twitch, and Blizzard Entertainment too marking a strong presence in the country. Making an effort to induce competitive gaming solutions to foreign clients in their country is a sure attraction.

eSports Ventures is the deal that they are going to claim very soon. This will mark an expansion in the Western territory. Their investment in the Japanese gaming market, especially the eSports has been slow till now. This new license is supposed to make it more concrete.

Funding Sources

The company has managed to stay relevant in the business where the competition is already getting tougher. Berlin Bitkraft eSports Ventures is a leading enterprise in eSports investments and has been known to encourage the trend. They are also gaining profits so far. According to a recent survey and market research by Newzoo, the sum total of these investments from several funding sources, not just for PlayBrain, is around $19.2 billion. This sum of money flowing to the Japanese eSports market is a sure attraction for even foreign clients. This is what we are currently witnessing for real.

It is not far when the market will be budding with titles and gaming companies from all over the West. What follows shall become history soon enough.

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