Understanding the Role of Scatter Symbols in Online Slots

The basic rule of gambling or gaming is that you understand the gaming rules before you even start playing. Without knowing all the rules, your chances of winning would be slim, plus you would be unable to take advantage of or enjoy all the features and fun a game has to offer.

When playing slot games, symbols are important. The games come with a variety of icons and symbols, but the most important of the symbols are scatter symbols. They present many advantages and benefits when playing a slot game. They greatly add to your chances of winning and are worth looking out for. The symbols can act to multiply your winnings too, resulting in large payouts.

Using scatter symbols, you get to unlock bonuses in a game like frees reel spins and secondary screen games. The free spins have a possibility of even more free spins if you get more scatters on the reels. Unlike other slot game symbols, the scatter symbol cannot be substituted for another slot game symbol.

Scatter Symbols: What Exactly Are They, And What Are Their Benefits?

In simple terms, a scatter symbol refers to the key to unlock different bonus features in a game of slots. It appears as a unique icon with graphics representing the theme of the particular game.


Scatter symbols represent one the most important symbols to use when playing online slot games. They form the main theme of a slot game and work to increase your winning chances, as well as unlock bonus games. Scatter symbols are only found in video slot games and are important for their ability to present a player with more winnings compared to other symbols. The symbol was created to enhance the excitement of the game of slots and offer players bigger winning opportunities.

How Do They Work?

The scatter symbol is unique from other symbols in an online casino slot game for being the only symbol that’s irreplaceable by a wild symbol. For it to give win results, it does not need to appear on a payline. Scatter symbols can pay directly when they land on the reels and in any position. In most slot games, if more than three scatter symbols land on a reel and in a row, it results in a win. The more the scatters that land on the reels at a go, the higher the payouts.

A scatter symbol multiplies, not only the payline but also the entire amount that a player wagered in the bet. By activating maximum paylines, you can get more payout from wins.

When playing an online slot game, you would need to understand how the payout mechanism works. That way, you would better take advantage of such symbols and be keep on finding them. Always make a trial of the game first to understand how it works. Play it while in demo mode if playing it for the first time. It would give you enough time to become familiar with its mechanisms, features and how to use its scatter symbols.

Go through the slot machine’s playtable and determine the number of scatter symbols a win requires. You can easily access it from the game’s main interface. A pop-up window will open up on clicking the icon representing the playtable and show all the information you need. From it, you can identify the scatter symbol and get to know the number of the symbols you will need to win a payout, or how many you would require to unlock a bonus game. With this information, you can maximize your opportunities for winning.

Different slot games will have different symbol rules and features, so it would be advisable to understand them all before playing.

Scatter Symbols And Locked Bonus Games

Most slot games have games that are locked. Using scatter symbols, you can unlock these games for more fun and higher winning chances.

There’s the bonus feature that gives you the option to select an option from a variety of mini-games and other bonuses, and there’s another one that gives you free spins. With the free spin bonus, you receive a specific number of the free spins. These features vary from game to game, though, and it would be better if you checked first before deciding to play.

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