Fruit Slots Machines

Free & Real Money Fruit Slots Machines And The Best Casinos For US Players! If you are an avid lover of casino history or simply history this is a great piece that I have compiled. In one of the most fascinating journeys, I shall take you to the good old days, or the days when there were no casinos and no slot machines. Yes, way back when there were cherries and melons to hang around with.


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Then came the slot machines where you would find a three reel fruit slot with arms to pull. This was also decades ago, maybe 40 years or so. At brick and mortar game arcades, these fruit machines were the most popular time pass for kids. But, gradually casinos took over and introduced gambling and money into the industry. And, that is how we know of them today, fortunate or unfortunate.

The scene today is that you don’t even have to step out of your home because everything is online. All on your palm inside your smartphone on an app. Life was not so closed and cornered back in the days. But, today you have myriads of games, promotions, casinos, and what not to choose from. The good thing is that in the developing countries, the popularity of fruit and slot machines hasn’t faded yet. They are still welcoming things that they used to watch on their television. It is even there with those who have since grown up. This is the reason why slot machines still continue to exist in the online form, and every game organization has some games in this category to play with.

How did These Fruit Machines Become So Popular?

The answer lies in transparency. If something is so simple that you can understand it very well as kids and have fun, who wouldn’t want to have one, except, these were available at major game arcades and avenues back in the days. The rules were damn simple and fun to play. Even today, the online slots offer a risk-free or minimum risk gambling and people try them out too.

They have though become more sophisticated these days and companies making slot machines are also improving them to make you lose more earning the name of a “real bandit”.

The Different Fruit Games

Back in the days, you could still make out some different kinds of these fruit slots machines. These were based on their internal mechanism and easiness to operate and play. Their rewards systems were bit different too. Today, with online versions as well, you have these two types: classic and advanced.


The classic ones are still available the way they used to be in the past. They have three reels and just a few paylines to work with. And, all game developers create these fruit slot machines with simple rules. Classic Fruit by 1×2 Gaming and Mystery Joker by Play’s Go are some of these examples.


A more advanced form of these is also available, for example, the fruit video slots. They are usually available with five reels, with animations and graphics. They are advanced in many ways. They have challenging bonus rounds, sophisticated reward systems, and more engaging rules.

Basics of Fruit Slot Machines

These fruit slot machines have always been regarded as chance games. But, there is more to that for a seasoned player. Whenever you pull the arm, the reels rotate and various combinations arise. Whenever you have a matching combination on all the three reels simultaneously, you make a win, and the slot gives you some reward. The various combinations appear across various paylines that trigger the reward, usually as multipliers.

Some come with trial games that you test your hands on. Their arrangement and winning combinations are triggered by specific symbol arrangements on the reels. They come with amazing rewards and eventually can also trigger jackpots if you chose to continue to play.

These days, as we mentioned above, the slots have got sophisticated and a seasoned player can know how it works than mere chance. The reward systems have been improved. It is all maths running inside these games. Of course, if you knew what is going inside, you can manipulate the spins to your favor.

There are several things that players today can try for winning more. Of them, here are the top three things nudges, holds, and selector bonuses

These nudges help move a selected reel down which may complete your winning combination. The holds are to choose which reels are not supposed to spin in the next spin. The selector bonuses can be clicked at the right time to enhance your wins. The player can choose these three things to play better and enjoy more.

How to Play Fruit Slots Machines?

If we forgot to mention, I will do it again here. These are called fruit slots because they have fruit symbols in their reels and not some special symbols etc. These were remnants of actual real fruits like melons and cherries that were used before.

So, these fruit lots are called AWP or Amusement with Prizes. You have three steps to do t play these games.

  • You first select a “coin size” that suits you, this is the best size.
  • You will then select the number of coins per payline.
  • Now, just push the button or pull the arm, and let the reels spin.

If you get a winning combination on the enabled payline, then you have won. The winning is transferred to your casino account.

Enjoy and Relax

The whole idea of these fruit slots was amusement and challenge to start to figure out the machines and defeat it. It is available today at all amusement parks and arcades. If you don’t want the gambling and the online casino real money thing, you can still enjoy this game.

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