Understanding The Different Types Of Wilds In Online Slots

If you are a fan of online slots, then you must be aware of certain symbols that can trigger bonus features and perform different actions leading to more wins.

Wild symbols are one of most common symbols that you can find in online slots. You find that when they appear they are usually welcomed gladly. A wild symbol is simply an icon that appears on the reels and it substitutes every other symbol (like scatters). The main aim of doing this is to create a winning combination.

There are many wild symbols, not just one type. Over the past years, there has been so many wild symbols variation that has cropped up.

Different Types Of Wild Symbols

You find that symbols usually inject a sort of air excitement in the game when they pop up. This is because they act as a source of flexibility element in the game. The fact is that wild symbols are one of the most highly valued features and the potentially helpful during game online slots play.

They are now loaded with new great features, which is great news for all online players. There are various wild features that you will bounce into while you are playing the game online.


This is the type of wild symbols that show up on top of the other. Stacked wild symbols go create a stand-alone section of wilds that are on the same reel.

Stacked ones increase the chances of generating a winning combination something that makes them beloved by many people out of all wilds. Any pay-line that comes across stacked symbols has a high probability to be a winner. Moreover, symbols that appear stacked can also be interpreted that they might hit more pay-lines during every spin leading to a number of winning combinations.

Stacked wilds can be denoted by the way they stack themselves vertically across one single reel. However, there are some games that we have seen where stacked are aligned horizontally.

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A lot of online slots provide the feature of expanding wilds and they usually work in combination with the stacked symbols. The main focus of the expandings that you should be aware of is that it allows the wild to expand entirely on the reel. There is a specific condition that triggers it in the slot game. For instance, if accumulate a few wilds on the reel, this will eventually trigger the expanding ones.

Expandings don’t have much difference with stacked wild symbols, for instance, they work in a similar fashion in creating a whole entirety of wilds with the main aim of generating winning combinations. Every pay-line that passes through these wilds can be helpful in creating a winning combination for you.

Sticky Wilds

There no introduction that is needed about sticky symbols. When you are playing an online slot casino with this type of wild feature, it simply means in the game, you will come across and it will stick there for the entire period until you make another spin.

Something that you should be aware of is those sticky ones don’t increase the chances of generating a winning pay-line in one spin. Instead, their operation is close to how regular wilds operate. The main benefit that they have is that they can stay put for more than one spin, which gives you the certainty that you will have one wild that is there for another spin.


Overlays are the type that is stacked in one specific shape and usually come on the reels to create a different shape. They usually pop up by a matter probability after you have finished a spin. You find that this type doesn’t pop up on the top of the regular wilds.

This is a new feature and you can find it in some of the popular Net Entertainments latest online slots, such as Guns´n Roses slot game. The overlay in this gameplay usually comes across shape, it takes up to five symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4.

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In conclusion, it is worth to mention that you can now sign on top online casinos and start playing now that you know a bit about wild symbols. Just go to play your most favorite online slots and start your journey with a huge bankroll in the best online casino.

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