How to Spot Bad Online Casinos and Find a Good One

One can’t help but feel frustrated when all the efforts to find a worthy and reliable, high-quality casino online have failed. It can be tricky to stay alert and spot all the possible liabilities at gambling websites, and we can’t be clearer about this: the site needs to be in perfect shape in order to be recommendable and fit to service a large US betting audience. So, how does one keep all the details in mind, how does one inspect an unknown gaming site and labels it as good or bad? Easy! is offering you a guide to spotting bad gambling venues and finding good, trustworthy online casino sites where you can lay back and do all the gambling you want without concern that something might go wrong.

Signs of a Bad USA Online Casino

There are several red flags one should keep in mind when on the lookout for a new online casino to invest money into. This is not an easy decision, although a lot of bettors take the matter quite lightly and choose casino sites according to the website colors. If you’re betting small quantities and you’re mostly doing it for fun, we suppose you can do that anywhere and not experience any notable unpleasant consequences. But if you’re planning on dedicating a fair portion of your hard-earned cash to placing bets online, you need to consider the background of the site and its reputation. It doesn’t take more than one lousy experience at a rogue site to put you off enjoying casino entertainment.

One of the first signs that should have you more alert is whether the casino asks for any proof of residence and age verification. Casinos that don’t require such info may send a vibe of ‘I don’t care about your jurisdiction and your age and therefore I don’t care about responsible gambling’. That’s bad because you want your preferred casino to judge problem and underage gambling, as well as take care of its customers from various jurisdictions.

The other rather important indication of the casino’s character and honesty is the license. When you visit an online casino hub and you scroll to the bottom of the home page and you don’t find a seal of a reputable regulatory authority along with the license number published on the side – there might be a problem.

Spotting a bad online casino is something you can do from a safe distance – by browsing our reviews and gambling portals and taking notes on the sites you should avoid. You can learn from the mistakes of your peers and not visit the venues they’ve rated poorly due to unflattering customer support treatment, financial issues, denied or delayed payouts, unreasonable bonuses, and glitchy software.

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What to Look for in a Good Online Casino for USA players

A good online casino is a place where any player can feel safe, well-attended, surrounded by entertaining content and where timely payouts are guaranteed. Basically, you ought to check out the same things as you would in order to detect a bad casino, but in this case, you want impressive and favorable results.

Great reputation comes a long way, so finding the name of your target casino among the brands praised on gambling portals and in chat rooms is a good sign you’re onto something genuine. In the same vein, you can consider how many years has the casino been around and take it as a valid indicator of its trustworthiness. A site that has been operating for a long time is a safe site, one that retains loyal customers and ticks all the right boxes. Sites that trick their visitors usually run out of business after a short while – neither the industry nor the gambling community wants these sites active online.

So, the casino you want to play at has a good word put in for it, but that’s not enough. Feel free to visit the website as an innocent browser and look for the logo of the regulatory body; also, see if the site has been audited. The testing facilities work like the consumers’ watchdogs and provide them with a piece of mind through monthly auditor reports.

What else? You ought to make sure the software providers are proven companies and not some brands launched a month ago that no one has heard of. You can always find out about the software package before you join the casino if you read objective reviews and really on player’s experiences shared online. The same method can help you clear out doubts you may have about customer support or bonuses, but it would be best to check those for yourself. Set up a free account and contact support. Ask all the questions you want, and evaluate the feedback. As for the bonuses, you can read all the terms and conditions as a registered user and you don’t need to fund your account to be able to do that. Read the fine print and don’t miss any of the terms listed out there. At a good casino, the terms attached to bonuses and promotions should be fair and realistic, as opposed to sneaky wagering requirements often introduced by corrupt casino brands written in the smallest lettering possible.

To sum up, this is what a good casino should be known for:

  • offers a safe and secure gambling environment
  • is regulated by third-party organizations
  • ensures fairness of games
  • has genuinely helpful customer support
  • rates highly on Google
  • important information about the site is displayed in plain sight
  • transparent and reasonable bonus terms
  • has high-quality software
  • has been around for a fair amount of time

The team at All Star Gambling is certain that with a bit of common sense and proper guidelines exposed above you won’t ever have to face a rogue online casino in your life. Don’t jump at the first offer and take a bit of time for a quick background check. That way you’ll be the wiser!

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