Mississippi Stud Poker

Mississippi Stud Poker comprises five-card poker stud where the cards are dealt upside down such as in Let It Ride. It is often played in land-based casinos as you may find in Las Vegas as well as at several online casinos licensed in the US and other countries.

Mississippi Stud Poker is usually not a group game; it can be played solitary against the dealer, allowing one to create pair of 6s or better, getting paid as per the payout table at the casino portal. The game is one that has simple rules for playing. The final hand of five cards that a player holds helps to determine wins, strategies involve knowing when you should fold and when one should raise.

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Steps to Play Mississippi Stud Poker

The bets and decisions are taken with the following steps:

  • the single wager is on Ante circle which can be anything between three or ranging between 1 to 3 times
  • after ante wager is made by player-dealer will give out two cards that are face down in the betting circle; community cards lie face down as well
  • one can look at the two cards they are dealt and then fold; if the ante wager is lost then one can raise it between 1 to 3 times

What to Keep in Mind?

There is a lot of freedom given to a player as to when they should fold and which cards they want to play; the winning combination is a pair of 6s or more than that. A player should aim to remove cards of low value and play with higher valued cards. For instance, if one is holding two cards between the values 6 and 10 or they have a face card, they can raise 1x Ante bet. Pairs of 2s, 3s, 4s, and 5s lead to loss of 1x the bet amount which is the minimum. Payback is guaranteed with 6s pairs which can continue till Aces. Hence, one can raise 3x amount.

Community Cards

In this table game, the community cards are exposed one after another till three cards are shown with betting rounds one after another. The big cards allow one to continue the game; if one cannot make a flush or straight then they can fold. If one gets cards of three suits or pairs of 2s to 5s one can raise the ante wager with 1x. If there are two cards of face value and three cards that run from 6 to 10 and three will help one to land a straight or a flush.

If a USA online casino player lands a straight flush they can raise Ante wager with 3x; if one gets 6s in pairs or higher then they can get a payoff hand which is guaranteed. Ante can be raised by 1x with 2s in pairs till 5s. With any hand and two cards of face value one can bet 3x wager amount after community cards are exposed.

If a player has a straight draw one can raise bets by 1x. With the big bucks, one can raise ante wager by about 3x. For instance, if one holds a pair of 6s or more, 4 cards of a suit or any other that can make straight combos like 6 7 8 9.

Salient Rules in Mississippi Stud

Certain rules are paramount in this game such as:

  • Ante wagers are made by players.
  • Two cards face down are dealt along with 3 community-based cards dealt in the same manner; the player gets to look at cards.
  • A 3rd street bet is made or one folds when the ante is between 1 to 3x.
  • The dealer turns over the community card that is dealt first and a player is allowed to make a 4th street bet; one can fold when the ante is between 1 to 3x.
  • After the second community card is revealed a 5th street bet is placed or one can fold in the same way.
  • Finally, the 3rd community card is revealed.

Bets Made as per Payout Table

Royal Flush pays the highest, 500 to 1. Straight Flush is 100 to 1 while four of a kind pays 40 to 1. The full house provides 10 to 1 payout while the flush is 6 to 1. Straight is 4 to 1, two pairs are 2 to 1, three of a kind is 3 to 1. Jacks or Better pays out 1 to 1 while pairs of 6s all the way to 10s lead to push.

Instructions and payout particulars are provided clear and with step by step guidance for players here from Allstargambling.

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