Five Bank Busting Casino Games You Need To Play

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog lately, you would have seen our team discussing 5 bank-busting casino game that all players need to take a look at. We sat back and thought, is 5 really enough for this list? The answer to that question is no, which is why we’re back with 5 more bank-busting casino games you need to play.

In all honesty, the “most rewarding” casino games are going to be subjective to the people playing them. So, there will probably be disagreements – after all, every gambler has their favorites, the games that suit them more than any others. For example, one player might enjoy slot machines because of the idea of mindless play, where one doesn’t don’t have to think. Meanwhile, someone else might prefer blackjack because they’re a card counter.

That said, some casino games are crowd favorites for a reason, while others are not so well-liked across the board. The ones that are not fan favorites tend to bore players, while some just have unfavorable odds. Other games can be very good for some bets, and very bad for different bets in the same game.

Now, we want to be clear – no one can judge you on your favorite casino games. Every game on this list is an opinion of ours. As mentioned above, the “most rewarding” casino games are always going to be subjective. If your favorites aren’t on the list, that’s perfectly fine. Everyone has their own reasons for choosing the games that they do.

Another thing to mention is that casino games will always be in the house’s favor, it’s likely that you know this already. The difference between them is that some may favor the house far more than others, but honestly, that doesn’t matter in the long run. Play a game that’s hard to win for enough time, and you’ll run your bankroll dry – whether or not the game is listed here or not.

Okay, take a deep breath and get ready, as it’s time to reveal 5 more of the most rewarding games around that’ll give you the perfect chance to break the bank next time you visit a USA online casino.

European Roulette

Roulette tends to have a bad reputation among the gamblers that consider themselves sophisticated. This is because there’s no real skill to study in roulette, and the house edge is high. Despite the poor opinion of the game among many, roulette has maintained overwhelming popularity for literal centuries, but how?

One thing that many people don’t realize is that the house edge in roulette is weakened by the slower pace at which the game is played. We’re talking about European roulette, to be specific. In this variation of the game, the wheel only has one 0. The house edge is 2.7%, which is high compared to other casino games.

So, for example, let’s pretend you also play slots, and you’ve found a machine that has the same house edge of 2.7%. Which game – roulette or slots – is going to cost the most money for you? In roulette, it’s rare that you would see even as much as 60 bets in an hour. If the table is crowded by eager gamblers, you’ll see even fewer bets. For example sake, this European roulette table has you betting $5 for every spin of the wheel. In an hour, you would be putting up only $300 against the house. Take that house edge of 2.7% into account, and your expected loss per hour is a low $8.10.

Now let’s talk about that awesome slot machine you found, or you think you’ve found. Spins on this machine are also $5 for every spin. In a slot machine, people tend to do about 600 spins in an hour, so you would be looking at $3000 in an hour. With the same house edge of 2.7%, the loss per hour for you here is $81. The numbers don’t lie, and the proof – as the old saying goes – is in the pudding.

Side-note for any potential players out there, roulette is a slow-paced game that allows a player to be social. It might not be fun for players who are in a rush or don’t feel like socializing. I thought it is important to point this out, as the crowd mentality can run rampant in roulette at times.

We did specify European roulette for a reason by the way and not for the fun of it. American roulette, on the other hand, would belong on our list of worst games at any casino. The house edge for American roulette is nearly twice that of European roulette, and there’s really no advantage for the player. All American roulette can offer is bad odds, meaning sweeping home the big bucks is nowhere near as likely.

That said, there are casinos that don’t have a European roulette table. If you can’t find one at your chosen casino, or if only American roulette is available, we would highly recommend that you just skip roulette altogether. There are plenty of other options that will give you better odds, such as baccarat.

We personally hope that American roulette will start to dip in popularity and that European roulette will be more widely available to play, as it just has so much more to offer.

If you want my opinion, when it comes to roulette, sorry Americans, but Europeans just do it so much better. Play it now at Big Spin Casino

Pai Gow Poker

Many people love Pai Gow Poker for a long list of reasons. There is one reason that seems to top every list, and that is the leisurely pacing of the game. In terms of that, you could compare Pai Gow Poker to baccarat, or roulette as we mentioned above. In addition, Pai Gow Poker also allows players to push pretty consistently, so you can expect your hourly loss to drop even lower.

Beginner gamblers can be intimidated by games like Pai Gow Poker and craps and we aren’t entirely surprised. We recommend for Pai Gow Poker the same idea we gave for craps – take a class offered by a casino for free. Many casinos, both physical and online, offer a way for beginners to learn, and Pai Gow Poker has both fun and good odds, so it’s worth taking the time to learn how to play the game.

While poker games are usually using a standard 52 card deck, Pai Gow Poker adds the joker, which acts like the famous wild card, to the game. This game, like blackjack, is backed by the house, so it’s not considered to be “real poker.” Instead, it’s considered “casino poker,” which means that players don’t compete with each other, just against the dealer. In a “real” poker game, players play against other players, and the dealer rarely plays.

For Pai Gow Poker, every player gets a hand of 7 cards. You would then need to separate that 7 into 2 hands – one of 5 cards and one of 2 cards. The dealer does the same, according to the dealer’s rules, as in blackjack. As you can see, the rules in Pai Gow Poker are a little different from the norm.

If the player has better hands than the live casino, the player then wins even money, but you’ll need to work in that 5% commission as is customary in many games. If the dealer’s hands should beat the player, the player loses the bet. Any other outcomes in the game cause a push, which happens far more often in Pai Gow Poker than in many other games.

There is a little bit of strategy involved here, unlike roulette. Decisions must be made about breaking your 7 cards into two hands. This style of easygoing, skilled gaming, is excellent for players that like a mental workout. Players that enjoy games like video poker or blackjack will likely find Pai Gow Poker enjoyable as well, as it carries a pretty relaxed pace.

In Pai Gow Poker, the house edge sits at about 1.5%. Blackjack has a lower house edge, yes, but Pai Gow is still a great deal to gamble with. It’s a really good game for those with lower budgets as well, thanks to the slower pacing and plenty of opportunities to push.

It’s crazy to think that Pai Gow Poker spent as long as it did in the shadows, as a misunderstood game that few ventured over to the tables to try. Thankfully, those days are over and Pai Gow Poker is getting its rightful place in the spotlight. If you want my advice, Pai Gow Poker has far more pros than cons, so don’t overlook this card game and give it a try today.

Spanish 21

There are many players out there that think Spanish 21 is just a variation of blackjack. Now, they’re not exactly wrong, if you get down to the technicalities, but the truth is that Spanish 21 makes significant changes to the rules. As such, I believe it deserves to stand alone. You don’t agree? Hold your horses and hear me out, as I might just be able to convince you.

The game has similar features to blackjack, but there are also plenty of differences. Some of these changes are much more distinct than you might think. The deck in Spanish 21, which is a “Spanish deck” where all 10s cards are taken out. This may sound confusing, but don’t overthink it – it’s just all the cards with the number 10 on them. It’s not as complicated as it sounds, so don’t worry.

Most blackjack games don’t have the option of late surrender, but it’s always there in Spanish 21. Spanish 21 also allows you to double after you split, which again is usually limited or outright disallowed in many traditional games of blackjack. Along those lines, Aces can be split again.

An advantage to Spanish 21 is that a player that gets 21 wins every single time. The dealer’s total doesn’t matter – 21 for the player is a winning hand, full stop. This is a major departure from blackjack and provides a fantastic way to freshen up the winning potential.

There are also bonuses for different hands in Spanish 21, such as a 5 card hand that totals 21 that pays at 3:1. A hand of 6 cards with a total of 21 pays at 2:1. 7 cards or more that hit that 21 total pays at 3:1. A sequence of 6-7-8 or a three-of-a-kind of 7-7-7 can see a bonus, as well, paying out at 3:2. If the cards are all of the same suits, it jumps up to 2:1.

Just like in blackjack, there are some skills and strategies to be learned by dedicated players, and putting some of these strategies into play can make a big difference on the house edge, with favor to the player. Spanish 21’s house edge never exceeds 1%, if players use even the most basic of strategies. In a perfect game, with a well-versed player, the house edge for Spanish 21 can be as low as 0.4%. This low-house edge unlocks huge winning potential, which probably explains why this game’s popularity is gathering pace.

Often a more rewarding and more exciting game than blackjack, Spanish 21’s variations on the rules mean that strategies will need to be adjusted. For most people, the rules surrounding the game are the biggest stumbling block, as the slight tweaks from the norm, for whatever reason, stop people from giving this game a try. Still, out of all the games and bets available in the casino, Spanish 21 is one of the best and should be played at every available opportunity if you ask me.

3 Card Poker

Now, the classic 3-card poker game is on this list because of the fun involved, not necessarily the low house edge. In all honesty, 3 Card Poker has what may be the worst of the odds of any other game on our list. They’re not horrible, though, and the game has a variety of perks that can compensate for the higher house edge. So, don’t worry, you can still win the big bucks here, it just takes a little more luck and a little more bravery to land those huge paydays.

In a game where you only have three cards, the odds of certain hands coming your way are very different than what most poker players are probably used to. That’s what makes this game fun. Flushes, straights, and straight flushes are easier to obtain when you only need to match 3 cards together instead of 5.

This is where probability comes into play. Let’s say you’re looking to figure out the probability of a flush coming your way – this is an “AND” question. The first and second cards need to be the same suit, AND so does the third. When an AND question is asked in probability, you’ll be multiplying the separate outcomes’ probability to get an overall.

So, in a game with 4 suits, you’ll be looking at multiplying together 1/4 and 1/4, which gives you the very reasonable odds of 1/16. For comparison, the odds of a flush in a 5-card game are 1/256. You can see now that these shortened odds add an extra wrinkle to the game, which is where the big wins can be found.

3 Card Poker has a house edge of 3.3%, which is worse than European Roulette, but still less than American Roulette. Overall, 3 Card Poker is probably underrated as a casino game, as people misjudge its payout potential. Also, I assume that the 3-card element and the slight lack of player control here put players off, but this should actually appeal to players rather than deter them if you ask me. If you can play your cards right in any 3 Card Poker game, there is nothing stopping you from walking away from the table with a huge roll of cash in your back pocket.

Caribbean Stud Poker

Another poker game banked by the casino is Caribbean Stud Poker. This game is a little more exotic and has one major draw – a progressive jackpot. Now, you’ll notice that earlier I advised against slot machines with progressive jackpots unless you have money to burn. If you’re still wanting a shot at a large prize, Caribbean Stud Poker is where you should turn, as it presents less risk than a progressive slot, even if the top prizes don’t quite reach that seven-figure range.

A social game, Caribbean Stud has a house edge that rivals roulette. So, when it comes to being the “best” casino game, this one is arguably the worst of the best in that regard. If it weren’t for being majorly fun and the chance for a huge win, it maybe wouldn’t have made the final cut for this list.

Strategy plays a big role here, but it’s more complicated than, say, strategies for blackjack, which can be quite easy to navigate. Whether this is a pro or a con is up to the player – if you enjoy complicated strategies, you’ll like this. If you don’t, you won’t. But, for most players, Caribbean Stud Poker has more than enough meat on its bones to appease any casual player.

As this article is all about games that payout big, Caribbean Stud Poker always comes back to that progressive jackpot. Blackjack games don’t typically have that large of a prize pool, and sometimes you just want to try for the big one. And honestly, even if you never land that big jackpot, some hands in Caribbean Stud Poker have incredible payouts at 50:1 or even 100:1 – another thing you won’t see in blackjack.

There are countless versions of stud poker around, but in my opinion, Caribbean Stud Poker just edges them out. You roll up to a casino to win big, and other stud poker variants just fall short when it comes to payouts. Caribbean Stud Poker has that alluring progressive jackpot and for my money, this makes it a must-play casino game no matter whether you are a card game fan or not.


There are many reasons to head to a casino, no matter whether it is online or offline. Everybody knows that when you head to a casino, win or lose, a fun time is guaranteed. The edge of the seat action is unmatched, while nothing quite beats the thrill of wheel spin or a dice roll. I get it, the casino fun factor is something very few can resist, but there is a little more to the casino ecosystem than just that. For us, and hopefully for you too, you want to start turning profit at the tables and making the big bucks.

Let’s be clear, not every game is going to be your ticket to the big time – oh no. If you want to be stuffing your pockets with cash, you need to be playing the right games at the right time. Thankfully, our lists are helping you direct your attention to the games that deserve it. Should you take on the challenge of playing any game I’ve talked about, and I’ve certainly served up a decent variety, you at minimum know that there is a big payout within reach.

Want to win big next time you are at the casino? Ready to start reeling in the money? Ignore the fluff and focus on all the games I’ve mentioned above, trust me, your bank balance will thank you for it!

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